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Music Review: LMFAO – Party Rock

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LMFAO have let us know that although they’re a part of the trendy dance scene, that they have something to make us LOL. Party Rock is the Hollywood, California based electro-hop group’s debut. Having songs that feature artists such as Lil’ Jon, LMFAO have shown us how to party in 2009.

DJs/rappers Sky Blu and Redfoo seem to be having fun when creating music as demonstrated lyrically. This album is just about the last album I’d play in front of kids. With explicit lyrics ranging from just about any immature aspect of partying and sex, LMFAO’s demographic is definitely found at clubs, and certainly not at bible studies. With that said, I constantly laugh my f**king ass off throughout my listening of Party Rock.

Prior to their debut fifteen track full-length, LMFAO were well known for their remixes of famous songs from acts such as Katy Perry, Kanye West, and Fergie. Adding their own original material to their discography, LMFAO have maintained the same entertainment we have all previously grown to love. In Party Rock, there is not one absent moment of catchy synthesizers, 80s-inspired beats and fun vocals to dance alongside.

I have to thank whoever decided to bring Lil’ Jon onboard this album. “Shots” gives that mainstream hip-hop and dance flavor that Lil’ Jon has trademarked. This song is the most mainstream, catchy, and overall powerful song on the record. Throughout the chorus there’s gang vocals shouting “shots shots shots” repeatedly. This is the song that’s going to grab people’s attention. Although there is little originality in the song, there’s Lil’ Jon! This song makes me ponder of where LMFAO is going to bring themselves to on their future albums.

If I haven’t already made it blatantly obvious – this is far from original music. This is for fun. Their style reminds me of a union between Kanye West – Graduation and Katy Perry. In addition to the fifteen original tracks, LMFAO released a special edition of Party Rock with a second disc filled with seventeen innovative remixes with their original flair. I honestly enjoyed these mixes more than their original songs. They were almost original after all of the mixing, and production they added. “Love Lockdown” (Kanye West) was my favorite. Unlike most remixes out there, they used the basic beats, but completely changed the rest of the framework of the song. The vocals were completely revamped throughout. This is the direction LMFAO needs to continue forward.

I rarely comment on album or booklet art, but I really did think that it’s worth a strong mention in this review. The booklet resembles a blog interface with comments, photos, and all of the normal social networking features. In place of the normal blogs are the lyrics, thank you’s and the expected album booklet contents.  It’s a very innovative and different design than I’m used to seeing on new CDs.

Party Rock is a record made for fun; I do not recommend it to your parents. But if you want to listen to something chill and have a laugh or fifteen in the act, this is for you. If you like acts such as Lil Jon, Pitbull, 3OH!3, Hyper Crush, Millionaires, or Electric Valentine, without hesitation, pick up LMFAO – Party Rock. If you want to have a kick back, give Party Rock a spin and expect to “Rock The Beat.”

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