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Music Review: Linkin Park – Minutes To Midnight

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The New Linkin Park album Minutes To Midnight was one of my most anticipated albums for this year not only because of their great music in the past but also because they are a band whose sound is constantly evolving. Hybrid Theory was incredibly different from Meteora in the sound department, so it was fun to anticipate what they would do this time. 

To simply say I was not disappointed would be an unfair analysis. It went above and beyond. Less electronic effects were done on this album, instead a more subtle
approach was used. There is a lot larger variation of guitar sound obtained through different combinations of vintage guitars and amps.

The way I see it, out of the twelve songs on this album, nine could be possible singles. The depth on this album is incredible and the only comparable one I can think of would be the Fall Out Boy CD From Under The Cork Tree.

"Given up" is the first stand out track that comes to mind. It is the second track and the second single off Minutes To Midnight. It is also by far the hardest rock song on the album. Very comparable to one of the original Linkin Park singles, "One Step Closer". This song is very powerfully song and is a great opener.

The first song on this album to focus rapping is "Bleed It out," The difference from this song from the other Linkin Park songs with rap is the fact there is heavy guitar use. To be honest, I really like it like this. There is something almost "Youth of the Nation" about it in its own unique way.

The lead off single off this album was "What I've Done" and I was surprised. When I heard it the first time, I wasn't crazy about it. It took 5-6 listens before I began to appreciate this song. I came to the conclusion you simply can not take it all in at once there are too many things going on at once, especially musically, underneath the guitar.

"Valentine's Day," after ten or so listens to this album, is my favorite song. It has some of the best lyrics all time from Linkin Park. It also has some of the better emotional use of music on this album. Also it seems like this song has one of those piano intro rifts that Linkin Park is known for, only they're done on guitar for once.

I like the buildup that "In Pieces" brings; it starts out nice and soft and steadily crescendos to something powerful. It just builds musically and lyrically, not necessarily louder, but bigger.

Overall this has been the best new album I have herd so far this year. More importantly, I was a Linkin Park fan before this album, and am a bigger one now. Each new album draws me in more and more. They just keep growing on a musical and lyrical level. I am excited to see how they change next.

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