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Music Review: Lil Flip – I Need Mine

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Double albums are a funny thing. I’ve always wondered why artists choose to do them. It sounds selfish but, wouldn’t it be more frugal to just release one side as an album and have a lot left over to put out another? I mean, I can understand an artist wanting to put out all the music that he’s put effort into within the past year, as that is their mind-state for that period of time. I can also understand the need for a double-disc when it is a concept album, and all the tracks are necessary to keep the overall theme of the album construed. However, when you are Lil’ Flip and you decide to put out a double-album after a three year hiatus, it is puzzling when you think that 37 tracks of the same thing will be a decent idea for a comeback.

I Need Mine is Flip’s attempt at a triumphant return to keep his mark in the game, after a break that has been detrimental to his rep. While his last outing U Gotta Feel Me was a major commercial success, “Da Freestyle King” was under major heat as a feud with fellow southern artist T.I. erupted. As T.I.’s popularity has grown, Flip seemed to be the unanimous loser in the fight. After a 3 year break, Flip comes with his second consecutive double album, and what he promises as his best effort yet.

As anyone knows, listening to a album that is twice the normal length is a daunting task. But when you have every song being a near-carbon copy of the previous, it is pure torture. As you pop in the CD, “I Get Money” sounds… exactly what you would expect from Flipper. There is virtually no growth after these 3 years. The beat sounds like a Lil Jon throw-away and the lyrics are so ridiculously cardboard. Just like with every song on here, it is the hook that seems to be the only part that is worth listening to.

The sample from “Top Billin” is a nice little addition, and almost makes your head bob as you listen, but the rapping is putrid. Rick Ross is on here and unsurprisingly stinks, although he…*gulp*…actually has a better verse than Flip. “Fly Boy” is practically the same song as “I Get Money”, so excuse me while I skip over the songs that are generically similar to the others (which will be the staggering majority of this album).

I haven’t listened to a mainstream Hip Hop album from the south for a while, nor listened to the radio, so hearing the typical and basic Dirty South production here gave me the feeling that you get when you are eager to eat your cereal but then you smell the disgusting odor coming from the carton of sour milk. Songs like “Bustaclip”, “Starched and Cleaned”, and “White Cup are so ridiculously uninspired (in lyrics and production) that you just can’t possibly bother listening to more than 20 seconds of either.

I must give Flip credit for the lead single “Ghetto Mindstate,” as it is a pleasant surprise, to say the least, in comparison to the other tracks. While the title makes you think it will be another boring record of the same stuff we’ve heard over and over, the introspectiveness and overall mood is quite touching. The production, with its piano keys and riffs, has a peaceful aura which still retains the mainstream sound intact. Flip changes up the subject matter to a more retrospective view of the surroundings that he came up in. While the lyricism isn’t spectacular, the imagery makes up for it as he leaves few details out.

The guilty pleasure of this album for me is “Playa 4 Life” because of Chamillionaire’s undoubtedly catchy hook. The beat and the lyrics are vomit-inducing, but the chorus is just so fun and banging that I would say it makes up for it. The sung-hook is a nice break from the annoying single-line samples that are scratched (in Chopped and Screwed fashion).

One thing immediately noticeable is the chip on Flip’s shoulder for most of the LP. “Say It To My Face” is a big F-U to his adversaries, most likely T.I. after the now-infamous beef. Most of the other songs also see Flip as an angry and re-vamped in his tone. However, he unfortunately was unable to use this anger to step his song quality up. “Mary Jane” is the worst ode to weed that I’ve ever heard. Bar none. I won’t touch upon it but just know that it is horrid.

It hurts me because he wastes his time with songs like these when he should be making tracks like “Find My Way.” Now THIS is more like it. In the vein of “Ghetto Mindstate,” Flip takes us back and reminisces. The production is a very deep and cool strummed guitar that is a perfect backdrop. Robin Andre delivers the best performance on the entire album, as his chorus is simply marvelous. Lil Flip’s lyrics are simplistic once again, but he’s got some substance within these lines at least. Easily the best song on the album. It is introspective moments like that and “Single Mother” that show where Flip can do something right.

The 1st disc is undeniably superior to the 2nd, as the latter is composed entirely of commercial trash. Practically every song on the 2nd disc is the trash that I skipped from the 1st. Just take a look at how generic the names of the songs are: "Hustle," "Get it Crunk," "Stay Ballin’," "What it Do. Hmm" … gee, I wonder what these songs have to offer. The best part is that in the middle of all this, there is a song called “Real Hip Hop.” Flip does a respectful nod to all the rappers that he would look up to as he grew up, over one of the best beats on the album. It’s nice to see homage being paid to the old school, but I wish he was a bit more creative with it, as there still seems to be something missing.

But while that song seems to be missing a bit, the entire album is missing a lot. Lil Flip’s comeback may not only be a critical flop, but I’m predicting it won’t do much for sales either. With Rap sales plummeting, and most of the dirty south sound already becoming played-out, I Need Mine will fail to catch the attention of the sheep-like mainstream fans. With every  double album ever made, a solution would have been to take the best of both discs and just make a regular single LP. That would have especially helped this album as most of the songs here are filler in the worst way possible, and should have been eliminated.

The several deep moments on here would have been a nice balance to the typical southern sound, but they are instead diluted and lost in the sea of mediocrity in this extremely long album. I would not recommend this album to anyone aside from hardcore fans of the rough Dirty South rap. Even to mainstream fans this will sound horribly redundant, and difficult to listen to because of the length. 

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  • Don

    Bet you loved TI’s cd’s. How you gonna talk about tracks when you only listen to 20 seconds? You are trash, should say off the bat that you don’t like southern music cause it’s pretty obvious. lol this is classic Flip man if you don’t like flip of course you won’t like his cd’s. He brags thats what he does and tells people to stop hatin. I can’t believe I actually responded to this. Fake ass review. At least be a little objective, damn

  • pilarsito

    Yeah that was a bullshit review, alot of mediocrity and a little glimmer of truth , but it sunken under the bullshit, That’s how you sound!!!!!!!!

  • clovag4life

    ya wat is this review talkin about,y dont u get off ti’s dick bitch

  • Marat

    hahahaa…I love the hate. I bet you guys were all the same dude. Probably Lil’ Flip himself.

    Sorry, but the album sucked. If you like it so much…listen to it by yourself in your room and quit complaining. Just because I hated it doesn’t mean that you have to.


  • Seattle’s on the come up

    Very well written review…the man gave both pros and cons…he just happened to have more cons in the review because that was how he felt about the album.

    How is he on TI’s dick…when he barely even mentioned him.

    A good review doesn’t agree or disagree with popular opinion. Instead, it breaks down the album on certain debatable elements, and then critiques those elements.

    Marat broke down why the album fails in countless ways…

    Keep up the good work

  • MAX

    Let me get this straight…you guys actually liked this album?…lil’ flip is nothing but a joke…atleast T.I. has some decent shit out…but ever since flip made “game over”…he should’ve known it was his game that was over…did not awe me at all to be hones…thats just my opinion

  • Pilarsito

    Can’t believe I’m responding to this crap , if it was unbiased how do you explain your comment, You a hater , mad cause you can’t keep flip down ,and even hating on his fans ( which I’m one ) if you think this is flip , then here’s my myspace page, http://www.myspace.com/pilarsito and heres a finger that suggest you can screw yourself.

    Love that !!

    no disrespect to your hustle, I respect your come up but don’t say u guys ( referring to me) again.

  • E

    Marat your review is some straight up bullshit. There are plenty of tracks that are great on this album, I’d have to say the majority of them. So this album is not garbage. He stays true to his fans, he even chats with them to answer questions and reads feedback from fans, he holds it down for his fans. My opinion about his lyrics is that they’re simple but he is proving a point.. No matter who you are or what your social status is you can achieve anything.. he knows how to make money.. and definetely more than you marat. A roach aint shit to a rich niggaa! So hate all you can while at the time he’s making money quick

  • you obvously dont no flip this is a good album stop the hate this was such a biased review; go listen to mos def and comlpain hip hop is dead. just dont review and album

    flip can actually make hits whitch is better than quite alot rappers.

    stop being biased

  • jayrich23

    I’m not going to say much i’m a lil’ flip fan the album was good the best shit your going to hear from a southern rapper unless you go listen to ghetto boys or pastor troy.

  • Marat

    You guys are honestly talking like this is some life or death situation. I didn’t like the album. Not even a little bit. So that is why I rated it as so. I’m not going to give it a good grade just because SOMEBODY is going to like it. This is about my opinion, that is why I am a reviewer. The critic’s job is to criticize what he deems to be wrong. If critics were worried about what the fans would think, then every review would be positive.

    Sue me for not being a Dirty South fan. If you read carefully, I DID say it was recommended for true South fans. I see that you guys are, so there you go.

    Please, don’t get on a person’s nuts if they disagree with you. You will be a very unhappy person your entire life. Chillllll.

  • Marat

    And enough of this “he makes money so he’s good” nonsense. He could become a BILLIONAIRE for all I care. That doesn’t make his music any better.

    I’m here to judge the album, not the artist’s wealth.

  • pilarsito

    It wasn’t a good review and thats my opinion , jus like you have yours. I don’t like every song either, but I like at least a good twenty, and my favorite track on it is We Gone Make it out the Hood, it got a good feeling to it.

  • ashish

    Marat i respect your opinion, BUT you don’t know where Flip is coming from. Every southern artist with some exeptions talk about diamonds and other materialistic crap. But flip over here did something different. You said dat the 2nd disk is trash, dude did you listen to we gonna make it out da hood, or stall ballin(classic westcoast shit). Nigga is trying to do something different respect that man. Stop da fuckin hatin. people say tip has more to offer, some most of his albums are about fuckin crack, and secondly the dude is fake man! i mean com’on man y u gotta hate on a real dude

  • sMiLeRaChI

    Lil flip is the best rapper out right now so fuck wat yall say and he has the best album out right now its just that no one cares about it cuz every one is FUCKING DICK RIDING

  • D Berry

    Fuck Dis Review Tha Cd Was Hott

  • J

    ”Why a Nigga Always Wanna Hate On Da Kid”
    name a rapper that hasent rapped about their diamonds and cars so watchu kno about The Souf

  • we all know that you know your aint from the south you a clay aken fan thets why you dont like them other songs but thats a bad review. WHEN flip makes the double disc albulm it means that hes a harder worker than all these rappers but next time go make a review for clay aiken,justin timberlake,or britney spears u know some of your people and quit hatin on lil flip cause lil flip is texas


  • Marat

    ok..Great28…so you saying that the slow serious songs aren’t rap? That they are just for girls? moron…

    No…it can be rap, but its wack and repetative ass rap that a million other rappers do, that’s why its weak.

    If you think I hate on the South…wait till my next review (Devin the Dude) and then you’ll see what my opinions really are. Devin being a good MC, while Flip brings absolutely NOTHING to the table. Boring ass mainstream rap that hardly makes a splash commercially (which is what his goal is).

    Haha @ all you people feeling the need to drop a comment, thinking that will have me rethink my opinions. If y’all so great, why don’t you all join the site and write reviews. Possibly because y’all can’t do anything but hate. Jesus…

  • “Thekid”

    haha Ya´ll bunch of haters, NiggaFlip puttin his thing out there for all of us..u gotta feel him..U don´t like him? why u even bother to listen? Jump on a fake ass T.I´s dick instead..give that nigga a blow and shut the fuck up..

  • I am halfway in and halfway out with this review. Marat is being WAY too hard on the album, I knew he was going to far when he said that “Real Hip Hop” had the best beat. Marat should not have reviewed this album because he is a East Coast hip hop fan. You have to be a fan of all hip hop to truely review this album fairly.

    At the same time, alot of you that are defending this album saying that “Flip is the best rapper in the south” are mistaken as well. You are either to much of a fan of flip’s or a Dirty south Hip hop fan.. like I stated earlier, You have to be a fan of all hip hop to review this album fairly.

    The Album is very good, but it is not as well rounded as it should be. I listened to the album twice… all the way through both times.. I think his best song is “Find My Way” because he shows his versatility. another good song is “Playa 4 Life” and I agree that it is largely because of Chamillionaire’s Hook on it. So far I Sound like Marat. but the only difference is, is that for Lil Flip you have to make songs like “The Souf” and “Fly Boy” He is not the most lyrical on the verse’s but the vibe is the point in the songs. It’s go get you repeating that damn hook over and over.. and I catch myself saying. “You know I’m from the South” all day.

    All in all, you have to have “different songs” and you have to have your stable of songs that you usually do. Flip does that with this album and does it quite well. Although he could have cut the tracklist down to about 25 songs.

    He’s not the best but he is in the top 5 in the south.


  • Nogimmicks

    ayo all ya fake ass peeps hating on flip is jus mad cause flip is worth millions…ya mad cause ya chain is worth garbage compared to his trillion cut chains and all that…stop hatin flip got millions u dont …flip aint wack u is …holla…fake ass reviwers..ti aint king of the south i give it to ludacris, and flip will always be the freestyle king …ya keep hating while flip keep makin millions lol

  • Nogimmicks

    and this goes to Marat….i dont think u know about the southern music…..cuase thats how flip rolls…he from the south, so his hits are gonna sound the way they sound, dj screw r.i.p. marot stop hatin and go sniff some blow wit t.i. aka ludacris king of the south , aka lil flip freestyle king, 150 battles won and zero loses…come on now… yea u might not like his music but guess what more people like it than u hatin on it so the odds are against ..stop hatin and goes make some millions like flip…if u got talent which i geuss u dont…

  • trueSouth

    Everyone has the right to say what they feel. However, you can’t judge an album because you hate a southern rapper. I need mine is a classic. The only problem is the promotion of the album. It’s hard to go PLAT when you only want to spend money on two video. Flip’s been able to do it in his previous two albums. But, he has to make sure that he promotes this album alot more than you tube. Moreover, he has very good songs and a couple of club bangers. He has to make a better effort to make the album mainstream. Fuck the review and the haters in here.

  • profound1987

    Lil Flip is freestyle and comes str8 from the heart…from the brain to the mouf, t.i writes his shyt…he’s tight but you must respect a artist who freestyles more than one who does’nt. try to freestyle sometime then write which is easier then u will know that lil flips beatz r tighter and his flows r hotter.

  • krazyie614

    “why EVERYBODY tryna bring me down? because of me they respect H-Town look i was here when yall wasnt around first week you did alright then that shit went down”

    Lil Flip


  • idk what this guy says but bustaclip and i get money are hot. single mother andother good one. you’z a trick and what it do amazing too. he’s right about ONE thing…the first cd is better than the second. idk how u cannot like this cd…seriously. maybe his best cd to date. if u dnt like his stuff go and listen to his mixtapes and u will start liking him more and more. regardless, this cd is his best yet and i loved every song on it.

  • thugg

    listen man stop hatin lil flip hesa balla like jim jones and stunna like baby/lil wayne so yall hataz stop hatin

    i need mine$$ is bangin inma car everyday its hot

  • J$SOLiS

    this review is some bull shit u a fukin hatter u dont kno wat da fuk real music is & fuk t.i hes fukin weak he dosent have shit on da #1 fly boi flip is THE BEST RAPPER From the south at da time and if u dont lik wat im sayin fuk ya

  • ruthless g

    Lil flip is da king of da south. lil flip is da shit fukkkkkkkk t.i. he lil bitch fukkin crackhead.T.i. copied lil flip and game over was a hit. T.i. was da 1 dar wanted to get on it and flip said no so t.i. got mad. come on flip has niggaz from atl dissin t.i. so fukkkk dat nigga and anybody who wants 2 be down wit dat. All of flips cd’s are da shit. Flip is da underground legend and t.i. calls hisself da urban legend come on he a lil bitch.

  • flipdabestcloverg4life

    lil flip the fucking the king of the south fuck the haters and fuck the review stright up

  • Roxana

    Fuck all that bull shit & t.i! Lil flip is one of the best rapper/freestylers alive! So who would take their time to write bout flip like that? Ha! Stop hating on the nigga! With your proper ass writing. Fuck with me!

  • Glover Gee 4 Life

    Youre review sucks marat, you just a hater and you didn’t even listen to the songs in full…. 20 seconds…. what a laugh…..

    go write a decent review and stop hating you douche…… Flippa is back man! ^^