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Music Review: Lemon Sun – Run With The Faithless

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When California band Lemon Sun’s debut album Run With The Faithless landed through my door, I genuinely had no idea what to expect. However, within a minute or so of the opening track “Congratulate Our Thievery” it was obvious that lead singer Rob Kolar can write damn good songs.

That first play glided along through its twelve tracks serving up edgy, catchy, rock-pop but with something going on that somehow set it apart. Every song was expertly crafted. First time out the tracks blended, on play two they began to emerge individually, by play three they had moved into my mind.

I found it hard getting past “Fall For You” a real gem of a song that brings me towards making inevitable comparisons. I know by saying this I am no doubt repeating what has been written countless times before, but it here it is anyway. There is something of Coldplay in some of Lemon Sun’s songs, except that it’s Coldplay with an edge.

Having said that, there is a hell of a lot more to Lemon Sun than mere sound-alike comparisons. There is also an individuality to what they are doing that gives them and the music a presence through a blaze of quality song-writing. They definitely have that magic ingredient that should make word of this album spread and gain the attention it deserves.

Underpinning the whole thing there is a chemistry and a quality of musicianship that radiates strongly from every well thought out track. You can put this album on shuffle and randomly hit a solid song every time. The final track, “Dying Age” ensures you will want to play it all again. This track oozes class and wraps up an album that rarely takes its finger off the pulse.

After the infectious opener, Rob Kolar goes a touch Chris Martin on “Run With The Faithless”. This is no one-dimensional copy though as there is a whole depth of additional elements here that make this very much a Lemon Sun song.

“Edge Of Defeat”, with its slightly rough edges and contagious hook, carries that quality forward. The slightly quirky “The Thrill” is another track that is guaranteed to move into your musical mind. The powerful “Wanna Have You” sits nicely behind its predecessor and is enriched with excellent production and great harmonies.

Sitting central to the album is that track “Fall For You”; it is simple, yet deadly. Yes, it could be said that this sounds like a grittier outtake from Parachutes but it’s a good song in its own right, and deserves credit as such. The way they break the track down before leading it out to parade around your head again has a touch of confident class.

As if it prove that they have tapped into some seam of songwriting gold they then give us “The Loner”. “Same Old Ground” steps it up, whilst “Nobody Knows” eases us back down into a song that justifies all of the above enthusiasm.

“Did You Say” with its vaguely Oasis guitar line leads strongly into “Steal Us Away”, yet another slightly rougher edged gem. Lemon Sun wrap it up with the aforementioned “Dying Age” a track of melancholic maturity.

There are several things that keep me awake at night. Where do flies go in the winter? How do penguins make more penguins, and why the hell is Lemon Sun unsigned? The last is the greatest mystery.Quite simply, they leave me feeling glad that this album came my way.

There's an official website and a MySpace page to have a look and a listen.

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