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Music Review: Lee DeWyze – “Sweet Serendipity”

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“Sweet Serendipity” is the first single off of Lee DeWyze’s upcoming debut album, Live It Up. DeWyze wrote the track, along with David Glass (who also produced the song) and Jordan Lawhead.

Upon first listen, “Sweet Serendipity” is a lot more pop sounding than I was expecting from DeWyze’s first single. The song does have a slight Jason Mraz-y vibe to the melody that I definitely appreciate. Lee DeWyze

Right around the chorus is where the wordiness of the song becomes reminiscent of Kris Allen’s platinum selling debut single, “Live Like We’re Dying” that was released last year. The choruses of both of these singer’s respective songs are just packed with lyrics. In DeWyze’s case, his chorus is filled to the brim. I have to wonder how he plans to pull this song off live while staying on key, since singing on pitch wasn’t exactly what he was known for during his run on American Idol.

I do think that “Sweet Serendipity” is a good song. I figured that his first single would be a little more rough around the edges and not quite as polished. However, in a time where a song needs to be successful on the radio, I can understand why an upbeat and fun song was picked to lead off DeWyze’s album.

If you were a fan of DeWyze while he was on Idol, I think the song may initially throw you for a loop. Due to the catchy melody and lyrics, it should grow on you in no time.

“Sweet Serendipity” is available on iTunes now. DeWyze’s debut album, Live It Up will be released November 16.

For more information on Lee DeWyze, check out his official website.

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  • ahning

    Great song! always have lss after listening to this, cant help myself but listen to it. Love it!

  • lee

    Lee has got a hypnotizing voice… and sweet serendipity is yet another lovely piece from lee

  • KillJoy

    SS definitely showed another side of Lee that I have not heard before and I Loved It! So upbeat. Anyone who’s ever listened to Lee put on a different twist to one song so many different times in so many different ways don’t need to worry how he will deliver SS “live”.

  • whatever

    Two thumbs. Yes it is a departure from his pre-idol music but there are many musical sides to Lee DeWyze. It is so refreshing NOT to get the same music over and over again. Love Sweet Serendipity and looking forward to hearing the rest of Live It Up on Nov. 16.

  • Donna

    Serendipity is finding something really special when you were actually looking for something else. That’s what I have found listening to Lee. I love his voice and the way he interprets a song. Sweet Serendipity is a toe tapping, head bobbing tune, and gives a feel good vibe. I can’t wait for his album!

  • Cindy

    I love Sweet Serendipity-it makes me feel happy and full of energy! Lee Dewyze sounds fantastic singing this-he has a very expressive voice and is good at conveying emotion.

  • pam

    Sweet Serendipity is great and shows just how versatile Lee is! Love his voice, love his songwriting, love him! Really looking forward to the album on 11-16-10!

  • MCD

    I love Sweet Serendipity the more I listen to it the better it gets!! Is it Nov. 16 yet?

  • Michelle

    I love the song – and Lee!

  • Melissa

    Sweet Serendipity is a wonderful song! I find myself singing along to it effortlessly and often. It is very catchy and I feel it would be very well received given the chance to be heard. 🙂

  • Kj

    Love this song, and am sure the rest of the album will reflect the Lee we know!.. He can sing it all!

  • Shirl

    I love Sweet Serendipity! It’s very addictive and the more I listen to it, the more I like it’s upbeat, happy lyrics and melody. I can hardly wait for Lee’s new album Live It Up due out November 16!

  • I love Sweet Serendipity!!! I think it is a very upbeat song which puts the listener in a mood of anticipation of a “Beautiful Day” and thoughts of good things to come. I think Lee DeWyze is a very talented musician and I anxiously wait for his new album (a Las Vegas grandma)