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Music Review: L’Altra – Telepathic

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L’Altra take old relationship wounds to an epic scale with images of lonely landscapes and missed glances fading into view. Telepathic is the perfect stage for exes and bandmates Joseph Costa and Lindsay Anderson to dramatize their raw feelings.

Costa and Anderson layer indie pop, chamber music, jazz and electronica into music that gives the sensation of being outdoors. Most of the time, it’s blanketed in an icy gloom. Telepathic feels very cinematic, opening and closing with jazz instrumentals. You can visualize movie scenes playing during the music, such as when the phone rings in the background during “When the Ship Sinks Make It Sing.”

Costa and Anderson sing both alone and together. The lyrical themes range from distrust to loneliness to regret.The past chemistry between the pair is obvious by the intensity of their singing.

With its softer hooks, Telepathic may not sound exciting when listening for the first time. It takes another listen for aspects of the music and vocals to show themselves. However, standouts include the swoon of “Nothing Can Tear It Apart” and the grandness of the title track. The record’s lasting effect is that it makes you question whether musicians have more tragic breakups or if they are just able to express it any more deeply than L’Altra do here.



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