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Music Review: Lady Antebellum — Need You Now

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I fell in love with Lady Antebellum when I saw them in concert last April. They stole the audience's hearts and put on a great show. Immediately after the show, I bought their first CD, Lady Antebellum, which I love. Lady Antebellum consists of singers Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, who does background vocals, guitar, piano, and mandolin, and their sophomore CD, Need You Now was released Tuesday, January 26th.

Lady Antebellum released their first single, "Need You Now" a while ago and I think it's one of the best songs from their new album. It's very catchy and if you listen to the song, it really hits you. The music right when the song starts, before Charles and Hillary start singing, is really beautiful. I bought the single weeks ago off of iTunes. The music video was also released and is also pretty good, my favorite Lady Antebellum music video.

Another song that really sticks out is "Stars Tonight." Again, the melody is amazing, but the lyrics are really what takes this song from good to great. It gives insight into how Kelley, Scott and Haywood feel. It goes, "Momma says why you wanna play in a silly rock n' roll band. Well, if you stood here, Momma, I know you'd understand. Yeah! It's the lights. It's the high. It's the roar of a crowd on a Friday night." I think it's also really inspiring to people who wants to be professional musicians. I think this would make a really fun music video too.

"Our Kind of Love" sounds completely different than "Stars Tonight." It's much slower, but not very slow. It's a really nice song that's just really fun to listen to.

Lady Antebellum's "If I Knew Then" is really special. I think Charles and Hillary's voices really shine though on this one. I am not one for really romantic songs, but this one really does it for me.

Some artists hit a sophomore slump and their second album is not as good as their first album. Lady Antebellum definitely missed out on the sophomore slump and released a great album.

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