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Music Review: Kylie Boombox: The Remix Album 2000-2008

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Being an American, I never actually heard of Kylie Minogue until a trip to London in 2001. I remember very little about my introduction to one of Europe’s most popular names: I was in a bar somewhere (probably Soho), I liked what I heard, and when I asked somebody who the artist was, I received a look of “Where have you been? America?” from the puzzled individual in question.

When it comes to foreign artists in the music industry, America always assumes the backwoods hillbilly stereotype that we’re oh-so-famous for. To explain this phenomenon in anything other than an analogy would be futile. So, here‘s an analogy: sure, we could just pop open a bottle of imported whisky, but why should we when we have our own lethal moonshine? 

OK, so I’ll be the first to admit that analogy sucked, so I’ll try explaining it in words this time: America hates foreign music. There, I said it, and I’d say it again if I had to.

For those of you who don’t live in the States, I believe our profound bigotry towards foreign artists extends from the fact that we really don't like foreigners, period.  We also find European music to be very silly as the lyrics mostly talk about dancing, loving, and music itself, whereas we Yanks prefer to listen to the strained sounds of overly-patriotic-yet-depressed (and drunken) rednecks who complain about their sorry-ass lives, or amusingly-attired urban thugs who talk about nothing but killin' and bangin' bitches.  That's what we prefer to listen to in America, folks: rural shit or urban shit. 

We pride ourselves on producing albums written by people whose behavioral studies usually contain the words "borderline sociopath" and whose vocabularies rarely include beyond the usage of words like “drink”, “motherfucker”, “nigga”, or “bitch” (and they all carry guns, too).

Well, I suppose you can call me silly, too, because I prefer European music: it’s a little happier, not as hateful, and it sometimes remembers that there in fact was such a thing as "Women's Lib". And those are the same reasons that I like Kylie Mingoue (well, that, and she has a killer body with a great ass), so when I saw that Kylie Boombox: The Remix Album 2000-2008 was coming out, I jumped at the opportunity to review it.

And I’m loving it, too!

Kylie Boombox: The Remix Album 2000-2008 brings us 16 tracks of booty-shaking joy, featuring new takes of some of Kylie’s best known (and a few lesser-known) tunes, all of which have hail from the minds of artists like Fischerspooner, The Chemical Brothers, and Mylo. It also includes the underground mashup/bastard pop/bootleg sensation “Can’t Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head” (which cleverly combines Kylie and New Order) comes as a wonderful surprise (it isn’t often mash-ups make it to commercial CDs — nice job, everyone!).

So, pop the Pill Of The Week, down a Cosmo, and get ready to dance the night away with Kylie Boombox: The Remix Album 2000-2008, because you’re going to love it, too!

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About Luigi Bastardo

Luigi Bastardo is the disgruntled alter-ego of a thirtysomething lad from Northern California who has watched so many weird movies since the tender age of 3 that a conventional life is out of the question. He currently lives in Chico, CA with four cats named Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and Margaret. Seriously.
  • Kevin

    Kylie rules!

  • Troy

    All ye lost souls: Its time to discover the true Diva of dance pop of our generation. Ms. Minogue. Boombox is an excellent retrospective of her remixed Hits of this century.

  • Too bad most Yanks don’t accept European music and anything good for that matter, I’m an American and i absolutely love Kylie! She is a true pop artist and in a way i’m happy that she is not too popular here. She is way too classy, and most Yanks don’t know what that is, what a shame, while you assholes are listening too Shitney Spears i’ll be listening to Boombox, later bitches!

  • Jordan Richardson

    America hates foreign music. There, I said it, and I’d say it again if I had to.

    Except that facts don’t really bear this out, Luigi. Far be for me, a lousy Canuck, to rush to the defence of my neighbours to the South here, but your statement just doesn’t hold any water.

    For starters, many of the best-selling albums in America are from Europeans:

    Led Zeppelin (English) have had all of their studio albums reach the Billboard Top 10 in the United States. IV went 23 times platinum in the U.S.

    Also 23 times platinum, Pink Floyd’s (English) The Wall. Floyd sold around 74.5 million albums in the United States.

    AC/DC’s (Australia) Back in Black went 22 times platinum in the U.S. They’ve sold 71 million records in America.

    America’s love for The Beatles (English) is unquestionable, of course. The Beatles have sold more albums in the United States than any other band combined.

    Elton John (English) is also huge in the United States. He boasts seven CONSECUTIVE number one albums in the U.S.

    Def Leppard (English), U2 (Irish), Coldplay (English), Iron Maiden (English), Genesis (English), George Michael (English), Rod Stewart (English), Andrea Bocelli (Italian), and many more all enjoy and have enjoyed immense success in the United States.

    So the notion that America hates foreign music doesn’t really hold water when one examines what Americans are actually buying and what bands or singers they frequently return to.

    She is way too classy, and most Yanks don’t know what that is, what a shame, while you assholes are listening too Shitney Spears i’ll be listening to Boombox, later bitches!

    I love Kylie Minogue, I really do (I gave X a sparkling review on this site, but this comment is ridiculous in so many ways. First of all, how “classy” is Kylie with songs like “Nu-di-ty” (with lyrics like “Just pop that zipper for me/And work that thing out”) and others just like it. Even she knows she’s not exactly “classy” and that’s what makes her interesting. She’s sexy, even a little bit skanky, and it works for her.

    Second, there is really no difference between Kylie and Britney Spears at all. Both are talented entertainers, both have sexed-up images, and both make relatively harmless pop music.

    Third, why are you so angry?

  • Dear Jordan;

    I was joking.


  • Jordan Richardson

    Suuuuuuuuure you were.

  • Honest. Scout’s Honor. Cross my heart. For realsies.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Well…well…I was joking too!

  • Uh-huh. Sure. Just keep telling yourself that.


  • “For those of you who don’t live in the States,” Luigi doesn’t know what he’s talking about

  • Don’t be goin’ giving away my trade secrets, El Bicho! Doh!

  • Dean J

    Kylie rocks and iam her biggest aussie fan just so you know there is another aussie artist going to make a huge impact on the music chart. Her name is Jessica Mauboy has 2 singles bith reaching 10 ten status and her new album is called Been Waiting look her up on google and youtube, rnb meets pop her voice , christina aguilera,rhianna , beyonce outstanding, 19 yrs old hlf aboriginal,half indonesin,quarter british and irish gorgous. she will be promoting her album in the states in august this year. let me know how u go..

  • After reading this, I don’t think it’s a secret anymore. I see that you “jumped at the opportunity to review” this. When is that going to happen?

  • Never.

  • While the cheekiness I assume to be intended isn’t entirely lost here, I find your take on American music fans somewhat puzzling. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong here, but didn’t America pretty much create an entirely new class of billionaire British rock stars and tax exiles?

    Provincialism is something that’s never really existed for music fans. To us, there are only two kinds of music: good and bad.

    Same with music reviews I might add…


  • Kylie has always kept it classy, even when she tries to be a bit trashy she never comes across that way, nobody ever takes offense to it and it is seen more as her being sexy and playful something most popstars like Britney don’t know how to do at all. Britney Spears a talented performer? she can’t sing for crap, lip synchs all her live performances and is a wack job! PLEASE! She is trying so hard to be the next Madonna its embarressing.The reason Americans don’t know Kylie is because most older pop fans are hard core fans of Madonna and the immature young generation who don’t know jack shit about good music are fans of the twit Spears. Kylie has never even toured here in America so thats been a huge reason why she has not hit the bigtime here as well. Like i said before i’m glad she aint big here she is too classy for us, when it comes to music Americas got their heads so far up their ass its ridiculous.

  • Kylie used to be both rubbish and ugly when she first dumped “Neighbours” and jumped on the Stock-Aitkin-Waterman pop express, but has had the courage to re-shape herself into someone who is actually making great, arty pop music and looks really hot too.

  • I was in a similar place as Luigi. I’d just arrived in England for a 7-month stint in late 2001, and everywhere I went I saw the posters for Fever. Over the next half-year+ I must have seen the “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” video a few hundred times. It’s still jaw-droppingly amazing. Also amazing is how good the albums she’s released since then have been. Going back as far as the Kylie Minogue and Impossible Princess albums, there hasn’t been a stinker in the bunch. For years now, I’ve been saying with no hesitation: Kylie Minogue makes the best dance music EVER.