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Music Review: Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown

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Kings of Leon have come a long way from their humble, southern roots. Their upbringing has been treasured and loathed by countless people. These brothers were really that band, which started things for me. I listened to them religiously. They became a part of my life. They were the adhesive in my friendships.

Album number four? I think it was a different side of KOL, and people picked up on that. It went mainstream, and they lost fans. The Kings’ last album, 2008’s Only by the Night, sold 6.5 million copies worldwide; they now headline arenas all over. Nevertheless that era is over now.

We now penetrate into the times of Come Around Sundown. I was actually eager to listen to this one as I thought it was their moving on album from OBTN. I listened to it; I saw yet another side of them. It’s their getting in touch with our southern black roots album. I liked it at first. I was convinced it was great. The humble iPod revealed the murderous reality behind this album. My IPod was on shuffle, I skipped the majority of Come Around Sundown. Biggest. Tragedy. Of. My. Entire. Life.

“Radioactive” was destined for the radio. The fiddle-spiked “Back Down South” heads into dark backwoods-kegger territory. “Mary” flirts with doo-wop, mating pop falsettos with Matthew Followill’s punk-glam rawk riffing. “Pony Up” is an itchy funk tune that surprisingly recalls Talking Heads. Lovely.

What does this mean for Jared and the gang? For me? For Nacho?

This album has just reinforced their desire to be recognized for their religious and southern past. “My opinion was so tarnished because they are so Christian”. That is the universal principle held by the majority of my friends. Milk says, “They are Christian, please consider this before albuming.” How are they supposed to appeal to such a secular society? It’s the ultimate conundrum. The boys better get their act together. Some idiot from High School Musical once said, “Gotta getchya, getchya, getchya, getchya head in the game”.

I want to see more “Aha Shake Heartbreak” and “Because of the Times”.

Until then, slow night, so long.

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  • Spencer.

    Do you realise this blog post does not even make sense. They have got their head’s in the game my dear, it is you who does not. So what if they are Christian, in the past, they have shown some rather un-Christen like behaviour. They are who they are, leave them be, if you don’t like them so be it. They are also Southern boys, Caleb especially loves Country music, Jared not so much but their pulls within the band create a very unique sound. There are of course many other artists who site God, most actually when you think about how they pray before concerts etc, look at Taylor Swift also, does being God fearing stop her from selling records, er, no. Please just get off your high horse and leave KOL alone.

  • joan

    i agree. i don’t think being baptised and brought up as a christian affects the way they make music. are they singing choir music? no…sex, alcohol, death & brawls don’t count. many of us have been baptised as christian but don’t follow it. i think there may be a christian stigma or label that you have attached onto them. sarah, you can’t say that because they’re christian it makes their music crap.
    in any case, it was a great record but that’s my opinion, and you have yours.