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Music Review: Kenny G – Rhythm & Romance

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World-renowned jazz musician Kenny G introduces Latin classic romance to the smooth sultry sounds of his saxophone, on the new Rhythm & Romance.

Kenny G is a musical genius whose music bridges the gap between races, genders, and nationalities. His music has an alluring quality, combined with a seductiveness about it that has the power to compel unbridled passion.

Kenny G has been playing the saxophone since he was a teenager. He plays the alto and tenor saxophone as well as the flute, but his main instrument of choice is the soprano saxophone. Kenny G’s career began when he took his first job as a saxophonist in 1976 when he was only 20 years of age. His first solo was played in Grammy-Award winning Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra. White was impressed by Kenny G’s mastery of the blues scale, and that was the start of his journey in jazz.

He also has exceptional control over his breathing. He uses a technique referred to as circular breathing. Due to the fact that he is extremely proficient at this method, he is able to hold a note longer than many other saxophone players. This takes skill and discipline that most musicians lack, thus separating Kenny G from many other artists, even those who consider themselves as the best in the business.

Rhythm & Romance has a total of 12 tracks. My favorite is track 8, “Besame Mucho,” which translates to “Kiss Me A Lot.” It’s mellow and enticing. It lingers in the senses and causes the recesses of the mind to crave romantically inclined situations.

I also have to acknowledge the other band members Walter Afanasiefe (piano), Ramon Stagnero and Pablo Hurtado (guitar), John Pena and Nathan East (bass), Alex Acuna (drums), Enrique Martinez (accordion), Michito Sanchez, Rafeal Padilla, Paulinho Da Costa, and Ron Powell (percussion), Gary Grant and Dan Fornero (trumpet), Bill Reichenbach and Andy Martin (trombone), and Dan Higgins (saxes).

Individually they all sound great but together they are phenomenal. They compliment each other well… kind of like Spanish guitars and amorous ballads.

Track Listing:

1 Sax-O-Loco
2. Ritmo Y Romance (Rhythm & Romance)

3. Sabor A Mi
4. Tango
5. Mirame Bailar (featuring Barbara Munoz)
6. Peruvian Nights
7. Brasilia
8. Besame Mucho
9. Fiesta Loca
10. Es Hora De Decir featuring Camila
11. Copa De Amor
12. Salsa Kenny

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  • Nice review Takiela. Can’t say I agree with all of your praise for Kenny, but like they say, one man’s cavaiar is another man’s, well you know…

    Anyway, you did a nice job with this. You’ll probably be hearing from Kenny G’s assistant soon to offer his gratitude too (he frequents the comments section here, case ya haven’t heard).


  • duane

    Kenny G’s assistant only shows up if someone says something that he could interpret as negative, like, oh, I dunno, like, Kenny G appeals only to those who prefer watered-down milquetoast background music while they sit in the waiting room at the dentist office. But who would say something like that? Far be it from me. After all, if I were to say that, it would only be because I’m envious of his musical genius and worldwide success — I mean, IF I were to say that.

  • Actually, Duane, he only shows up if I say such things. He’s my very own stalker.

    Anyone seen that new show on cable called Top This Party, about high-end party planners in Vegas? One of them looks very much like the Kenster, only without the huge schnozz.

    I’d better stop now. Just contemplating Mr G’s elevator muzak makes me want to move to Iran to get away from it.

    Over to you, Mr Assistant…

  • I thought he was MY stalker!

  • Whoever’s stalker he is, he reminds me of Sebastian, the Prime Minister’s jealous private secretary in the comedy sketch show Little Britain, which airs on BBC America. Check out this little snippet. Sorry, the sound and picture are a bit out of sync.

  • Kane

    Anyone knows Kenny or his asistant’s contact info? email..mobile?