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Music Review: Kanye West – Graduation

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Ever wish you could have the talented but nerdy math geek do the 30 page homework assignment due tomorrow, and then slap your name at the top of it? Enter Kanye West. On his new album, West gathers together a collection of sampled beats and slightly driving melodies, that are thrown sparingly over great songs that Kanye himself could never dream of.

However, the commonalities between the songs don’t stop there. Each has its own beat that has been lovingly taken, and rapped over by Kanye’s sarcastic and slightly pungent voice, as he tells stories of his life and relationships. That being the case, there is still no tie that makes Graduation a collection of songs that tell a story together. Instead, there are hits and misses thrown together on this soon-to-be popular album.

As much as I hate seeing the knife being twisted in creativity’s heart here, I have to concede that many of the songs will become mainstream. Perhaps none of them stand a chance of becoming quite as popular as “Stronger.” It seems that any song using Daft Punk’s beats will become a mega-hit ever since Busta Rhyme’s “Turn it Up.” Yes, you can dance to it. Yes, it has witty lyrics and plays off the sample well. Yet, it hurts to hear it when you know you’re being dealt something you’ve tasted and loved for so long but is now coated with cinnamon.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cinnamon, but it’s nothing I haven’t had before.

Really, this album should have been titled “Remixed Songs With Kanye West and Friends.” The lyrics aren’t that impressive, the beats are produced well but are not his own, and the overall style of the album is not incredibly unique.

However, I must admit there are a few guilty pleasures on it. I would recommend at least listening to it one time through. Just skip over “Barry Bonds,” and “Drunk Hot Girls” and it will be a much better musical experience for you.

When it comes down to it, I give this album a 2.5 out of 5.

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About Ravi Vora

  • fact check

    ravi can’t even reference the correct busta rhymes song. it’s called “touch it.”

    you should probably stop doing reviews if you obviously don’t have the knowledge to write a proper one. you’re way out of your league here.

  • Cameron Graham

    Kanye West’s talent has always been as a producer not as a lyricist (although he is consistently witty). He doesn’t simply rap over the top of other songs and steal beats, he melds classic songs into something new. He’s not remixing as you say, what he’s doing is closer to reinventing.

  • #2

    who cares about all the sampling, wat artist hasnt sampled once in their life??? and the song “flashin lights” is AMAZIN! good luck kanye

  • stu

    you DO know that kanye west’s entire career has been composed of sampling older songs and making great productions out of them? right?