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Music Review: Justin Moore — Justin Moore

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I have nothing in common with Justin Moore. On his debut album, Justin really introduces himself to the audience. I didn’t grow up in a small town. I’ve never driven a truck or worked on a farm. I’ve been to the South a couple times before, but I couldn’t really describe to you what’s it’s like to live in the South. I live in Los Angeles, which is the exact opposite from the small town Justin grew up in. I drive a convertible Mustang. I don’t know anyone who owns a farm. In short, it’s foreign to me.

So what draws me to his songs? Don’t people usually listen to artists they can relate to? Why do I enjoy him so much if I can’t relate to them?

It makes me forget. It makes me forget about my life and Justin invites me to his. It’s a new adventure, one that I probably would never get to experience in real life. This is a hard thing for an artist to do and if they can do that, if they can really tell me something about them, well, they’re amazing.

And that’s what Justin Moore conquers in his new album. Most artists struggle with relating to their audience. And even though I have nothing in common with Justin Moore, his music makes me feel like I know him personally, which is really cool. Justin, with the help of a few other men, wrote the entire album. The lyrics are really amazing. His album is kind of like an autobiography of his life.

The first song I heard by him was “Small Town USA.” It about a month ago in my car on the only country station in Los Angeles. I liked it immediately. It’s about remembering and missing home. When Justin wrote it, he had moved away from his small town, Poyen, Arkansas. He writes, “I’m proud to say I love this place.” This song really spoke to me. On August 22nd, I’m moving out of my house to a college dorm for my freshman year of college. It reminds me of the pride I have for my community, although I don’t necessarily come from a Small Town. I wasn’t the only one who loved this song — country fans across the country are buzzing with joy about it.

I like “Grandpa” too, because it shows he respects his grandpas, which is always really cool in my book. It proves he’s a gentleman, which is a great reason to listen to him.

I’ve spent this article rambling about how awesome the lyrics are and how I can relate to Justin even though we are complete opposites. I haven’t even gotten to his vocal abilities. I think his vocals are absolutely amazing. Any hardcore country fan will love his voice. He’s sort of like Willie Nelson and said he was influenced by him.

I seem to be using the word “amazing” a lot in this review. Well, this album is pretty much amazing.

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  • Della Hogston

    I Couldn’t Have said It Better. I Feel the Same Way You do. I Grew Up In A Small Town but only lived in the Country Once. I Never worked a Farm. But Had alot of the same Values. And Like You was Proud of where I was from. Justins Voice Is Awsome. And I Love His Writing as well. Maybe Oneday I’d Be Blessed enough to get a Chance to write with Him. I Hope People Get the same experience Listening to the Song I Wrote About My Mama { Mama’s Song } that they Got from Justins Small Town Usa Or Grand Pa.