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Music Review: June – Make It Blur

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Pop punk rockers June make their return to an increasingly crowded pop punk arena, by releasing their sophomore album Make It Blur.

The Chicago foursome formed in 2003 not really looking to score national attention. But once they were signed by Victory Records, they were in for a change of pace. Their first full length release If You Speak Any Faster was welcomed by many fans of the pop punk world, and now with the release of Make It Blur, it seems as if June is climbing to the top.

This album is more the melodic pop punk rock that the kiddies like to listen to while they blog about how great their day was. Fans of Fall Out Boy and Bayside would more likely read the inserts of this CD and memorize the lyrics. You could be tricked though if you heard a random track by June. There is something about the band that just seems tempting, almost like a forbidden fruit.

“No Time For Sense” opens up this twelve track CD. The song is an emo pop punk track that calls upon the likes of Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco. The musical side of this song is rather impressive with hammering drums, slick guitars, and synthesizer.

“Finally” is a pop punk track that really makes me think of what would happen if N’Sync actually picked up some instruments and learned to play them well. This song is screaming for attention by the mainstream.

I really enjoyed “Tempter,” as it reminded me of a track resembling Taking Back Sunday. I know that this song in particular will be played a lot. The chorus is the kind that gets stuck in your mind, and you catch yourself repeating it.

“A Taste” is a track I think that fans will go nuts over. It has just enough energy to keep the kids bouncing and dancing without going overboard. Other tracks to check out include “Just Don’t Let Go,” and the CD closing track “Southpoint.” Be sure to listen to the hidden track too, it’s a nice little surprise.

June seems to have matured a lot in the last two years since their debut release. I myself am by no means a huge fan of pop-punk, but there were a few tracks on this CD that I enjoyed listening to. That does not mean I am going to charge into Hot Topic and buy every June shoelace and T-shirt that I can fit in my arms. I’ll let the kids do that.

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  • Berly

    Ok about the Fall Out Boy thing with the insert just because you know the words doesn’t mean you read the inserts.They just happen to have fans that like their music enough to take the time and listen so they can try to understand the music which the band puts so much time into making. Many people I know know most of their song lyrics but have only looked at the insert once or twice and it probably wasn’t even at the lyics. Just thought I would make that clear.