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Music Review: John Gillette – All Bad

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Exciting. Vibrant. Dynamic. Artistic. These are just a few of the words that anyone who has ever met or seen John Gillette would use to describe his personality and the aura he projects on stage. In actuality, words like these only begin to scratch the surface of how unique this natural born entertainer really is and how much talent and ability he exudes with each well delivered note he sings, or each isolated dance move he executes.

But if you are looking for a record that you’ll love from track to track, this might not be it. The stress tracks are potential dance club hits, but the rest of the record seems like filler.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many positive things to say about John Gillette. Not only does John hit every note dead on, This soon to be pop star can dance!
When he moved to Hollywood, he started teaching hip-hop dance classes check out his moves on his title track video “All Bad

The snippets contained in the following links greatly overshadowed the production quality of “All Bad.”


It hit stores November 30, 2010. I recommend grabbing this CD, if not just for the four hits, but just so you have something cool to listen to while your practicing your dance moves in the mirror before hitting the clubs this weekend. But also, by buying this CD, you own the bragging right s to saying you knew Gillette’s music before he became a star.


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