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Music Review: Jamie Foxx – Best Night of My Life

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Jamie Foxx is a triple threat—singer, actor and comedian. On Best Night of My Life, Jamie Foxx showcases not only his beautiful voice, but his love and affection for women throughout his entire album. He can also name-drop hard because he has some of the biggest names guest starring on his album, like Drake, Rick Ross, Justin Timberlake, T.I., Ludacris, Soulja Boy, Wiz Khalifa, and Rico Love.

Jamie starts his album with “Best Night of My Life” and it’s the classic R & B type of song about trying to get a girl home. Same ol’ thing. “Fall For Your Type” (featuring Drake) is a romantic and sexy ballad. Jamie talks about falling in love with the wrong kind of girl and how he always thinks it will be different, but it’s not. Drake adds his signature smooth style to the song.

Jamie easily transitions from ballads to what I would call his sex music with “15 Minutes” and “Sleeping Pill” (where Jamie forgets everything about the night before, just remembering some flashbacks and some of the best “moments” of the night). Jamie brought out the Auto-Tune a bit on this track.

“Living Better Now” (featuring Rick Ross) is a fun song with a tinge of 80’s hip-hop, and a big part of the song’s appeal is the hook which features a sample from “Big Poppa” (Notorious B.I.G.). This song could totally be a radio hit. Rick Ross lays down a rap that adds a different element to Jamie’s sexy vocals, but something is missing.

“Winner” features Justin Timberlake and T.I. I can feel T.I.’s presence on the song even when he isn’t rapping, but Justin switches it and I feel like it wasn’t necessary. It may have been a little too ‘NSync-y. T.I. brings his southern twang and freshness to the song. Jamie goes back to the south again with Soulja Boy and Ludacris on “Yep, That’s Me”. I almost don’t recognize Jamie’s voice because Soulja Boy is so heavy on the track.

“Freak” (Featuring Rico Love) feels different for Jamie. The song has an electro-pop feeling and it reminds me of what Diddy is doing right now with Last Train to Paris. It’s fun, with lyrics like “Everybody is someone’s freak.” I can understand why Jamie would try something different but why mess with an already excellent recipe? Jamie is an R & B singer with dash of hip-hop and he should stick to it.  “All Said and Done” is weird, it just doesn’t feel right. “Sex on the Beach” (hidden track) reminds me of something that would be on the Jersey Shore soundtrack. It’s supposed to be fun and a club song, but it feels awkward.

Jamie is probably one of the best male voices out there right now but the album is lacking in the big hits department other than “Living Better Now”; there is no “Blame It”, “Gold Digger” or “Unpredictable” on this album. But seriously, does Jamie have a sponsorship with Patrón? Because he mentions it in like every other song.

Album out now.

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