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Music Review: Ice Cube – In The Movies

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Contrary to what many think, Ice Cube is much more than one of the best rappers from the American west coast. He is an established artist, an actor, a family figure, and even a producer.

Recently he just released In The Movies, a CD full of Ice Cube tracks that have appeared in movies Ice Cube has been a part of. This album is chock full of songs that were in movies such as Friday, Boyz In The Hood, and even Trespass. Most of the songs here feature guest appearances by other artists such as Mack 10, Dr. Dre, and even Paul Oakenfold.

Ice Cube, born O’Shea Jackson, has been on the music scene for years. He was both a founding member, and resident lyrical genius of the famed gangsta rap group N.W.A. — only to leave once he found out that he was being taken advantage of by the group’s manager. His choice to leave resulted in a successful solo career. He has a voice that few mistake and an attitude that many respect. His mind-set has brought him to the top of the music scene, and his creativity has helped him produce hits such as “Today Was A Good Day” and even “Bow Down”

In 1991 Ice Cube played the part of Doughboy in Boyz N The Hood. This was just the beginning of his acting career. He has also starred in the Friday trilogy, Anaconda, and the kid friendly Are We There Yet? What few know is that he also written, produced, and directed some of the movies he acted in.

Along with movies come soundtracks, and every film that Ice Cube has played a role in has also featured one of his songs in the score. This CD is a collection of various tracks that have appeared on different movies Ice Cube has appeared in. Some of the tracks on the disc are classics to my ears, while others I vaguely remember or never heard of.

“You Can Do It” from Friday starts off the CD. Every time I hear this song I think of the film featuring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. To me, this is the Ice Cube I was engrossed by. I love the beats, and just the way his voice flows in this song.

“Natural Born Killaz” featured on the Murder Was The Case: The Movie soundtrack is one of my favorite tracks by Ice Cube. For unknown reasons. I have never seen the movie. But this is one of the best rap songs out there. Dr. Dre and Ice Cube dropped such a morbid rap song here that I do not think it can ever be duplicated.

“Right Here, Right Now,” features an uncommon mix up with Ice Cube and Paul Oakenfold. The result is a great song that was featured in Blade 2. Never in my life did I think a rap star and a techno/trance artist would collaborate — but I am glad they did. Ice Cube’s voice is powerful, and Paul Oakenfold has no problem surrounding the thug lyrics with generous amounts of bass and beats.

“The Wrong Nigga To Fuck With” was a great track, that I found myself wondering why I’d never heard of it before. After searching around on Google for information why, I discovered the answer. The song appeared in Scary Movie 2. I would rather eat broken glass than ever watch that movie…

Ice Cube was on top of the game in the 90’s and I really look forward to seeing whatever else he comes with next. I can not say recent movies he has starred in (i.e. –Are We There Yet) have grabbed my attention. So my hopes for the future lie with whatever he creates in the recording studio. This CD may be a collection of songs already out, but it was good to take a trip back when gangsta rap was just becoming what it is today.

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