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Music Review: High School MusicalHigh School Musical 3: Senior Year Soundtrack

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The newest High School Musical soundtrack is fun, preppy, and has songs that are way better than anything from the first two soundtracks. The CD goes along with the newest High School Musical movie which is currently dominating at theaters. I have to say, after catching the 2:15 showing today, that it is also worth seeing, but the thing that really makes the movie great is the talented singers.

The tracks include the voice talent of Zac Efron as Troy, Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella, Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay, Lucas Grabeel as Ryan, Olesya Rulin as Kelsi, Corbin Bleu as Chad, Matt Prokop as Rocketman, Jemma McKenzie-Brown as Tiara and the rest of the Wildcats.

The tracks include: “Now or Never” (Cast), “Right Here, Right Now” (Efron and Hudgens), I Want It All (Tisdale and Grabeel), “Can I Have This Dance” (Efron and Hudgens), “A Night To Remember” (Cast), “Just Wanna Be With You” (Efron, Hudgens, Grabeel, and Rulin), “The Boys Are Back” (Efron and Bleu), “Walk Away” (Hudgens), “Scream” (Efron), “Senior Year Spring Musical” (Rulin, Grabeel, Tisdale, Prokop, Efron, Hudgens, McKenzie-Brown, Cast), “We’re All In This Together (Graduation Mix)” (Cast), and “High School Musical” (Cast).

I do like all of the songs, but I have two favorites, one of which is “Scream” by Zac Efron. The song takes place after Troy fights with his dad about college and heads to the school. It’s a pretty cool song, better than his single in the second movie, “Bet on it.” It kind of captures the insecurities of seniors, so I can relate. Troy really struggles with college throughout the movie. Should he play basketball or go for theater? Should he go near his girl or go where his dad went? These capture the thoughts of all the seniors I talk to: “I don’t know where to go/What’s the right team/I want my own thing/So bad I’m gonna scream/I can’t choose, so confused.” The lyrics plus Efron’s vocal talent make this song a must listen to.

Corbin Bleu is my favorite actor in the entire movie, so it’s only natural I loved his song duo with Efron, “The Boys Are Back.” I’m really impressed with Efron’s singing on this CD and Corbin is one of the best male singers out there. The song is about the boys remembering their childhood and is quite fun. Seeing it on the big screen is even better.
The cast of High School Musical really produced a quality CD. It’s fun and ideal for kids, but teens may get more out of themes: Senior year, going off to college, prom, etc. The movie’s great; the CD’s great …. The perfect last installment to High School Musical.

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  • I thought this was definitely the strongest of all the movies, especially music-wise. Though I liked “We’re All in This Together” from the original better than the cheesy “High School Musical” song.

    This is my video review of the film.