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Music Review: Green Lizard – Las Armas Del Silencio

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Originally released in their home country of the Netherlands in 2006, Green Lizard released the third LP Las Armas Del Silencio to the United States in 2007.

The album was recorded in different locations in the Netherlands and was mixed by Clif Norrell in Los Angelas. It was released in both countries on I Scream Records, home of legendary punk band Agnostic Front.

The album is 13 tracks long. It has smooth transition between songs and is very consistent. Unlike several bands that come out of the Netherlands, Green Lizard is not hard corp death metal. Instead it is a quick moving collection of quality punk songs that draws on the influence of Offspring, Rage Against the Machine, and Alice in Chains. It grabs you from the first song and never lets go. It appears to loosen its grip at the start of the 8th track “One Minute” but quickly recovers.

Unfortunately this review was slow coming out. As a result the band has seen several changes in their line up and is unclear if they will continue. Currently the band is made up of lead singer/guitarist Remi Tjon Ajong; guitarist Brian Tjong Ajong; drummer Jasper Dankaart. Their most recent loss was bassist, Jay.

The days of Green Lizard may be over but this is still an excellent album to own. The things that I like about is the fact that it isn’t hard corp. I can understand it. Remi has a great voice for this style of music. The bands sounds good together. The cues all seem to be in place for these guys to make a mark on the U.S. market, as long as they can keep their band together.

The album is available on amzon.com You can get more information about the band by going to their official website, their MySpace profile page, and their label's website.

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