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Music Review: Goes Cube – Another Day Has Passed

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Brooklyn’s Goes Cube is the band hammering on their instruments at three in the morning in the apartment above yours. They’re the band careening down the street in the ratty van with shag carpeting. They’re the band playing behind the chain-link barricade at your favourite dive bar. And they’re all sorts of awesome for it, too.

Lacking in formal or traditional instrument training, Kenny Appell (drums), Matthew Frey (bass, backing vox), and David Obuchowski (guitar, vox) boast a DIY approach and pound out loud, humble rock music with no frills or gimmicks.

With their debut full length, Another Day Has Passed, Goes Cube locks in for the long haul and builds on three vigorous sold-out EPs. Production is handled by Dean Baltulonis (Sick Of It All, Freya).

Another Day Has Passed kicks ass with thundering double bass, diabolically low-tuned guitars, and Appell’s insane drum fills. It’s a sonic assault on all levels, making for an eardrum shattering squash of fulfillment that will leave you in a heap panting, sweating, and screaming for more. Add Obuchowski’s throat-ripping vocals on top of the mix and you’re dealing with one hell of a rock band.

Goes Cube frantically stomps and tears through 13 songs in a little over 45 minutes, snaking out crunching riffs that will have you sacrificing goats in your living room for just a drop of their vehemence.

“Grinding the Knife Blade” cradles a cavernous set of compositional guitar riffs and stacks them on top of Appell’s adamant percussion. It’s a sound that owes an awful lot to the machine gun assault of Fugazi or the raging know-how of Refused, yet Goes Cube still sneaks in their own trashy vibe amid the madness.

Things open up a touch on “Restore,” a cut that showcases a few vocal harmonies and a loose-fitting jam towards the middle. And true thrash awesomeness bolts through the speakers on the aptly-titled “Clenching Jaws.”

Goes Cube is one of those rare honest rock bands with stained souls, black hearts, and a gift for pouring every single solitary fucking ounce of blood, tears, sweat, and cheap beer into their art. Another Day Has Passed stands proudly and makes for one hell of an invigorating rock record, that’s for damn sure.

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