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Music Review: Glee Cast – Glee: The Music, Journey to Regionals

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Glee may have ended its first season, but the music lives on in one of many compilations with songs performed on the show. Although Journey to Regionals has only a handful of numbers from the cast and others, each is memorable in its own way.

"Faithfully," sung by Cory Montieth and Lea Michele, will be recognized by any Journey fan as one the band's most popular hits. Monteith kicks things off in his usual soft tones. Can he sing? Yes. He is by no means the strongest vocally, though. Michele has been on Broadway, and it shows with her tendency to belt out just about any song she's given. The difference between these two singers is striking.

Jonathan Groff is another Broadway alum, and his version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a gusto filled delight. Considering Groff's character, senior Jesse St. James, it only makes sense to have the competition at Regionals be one with him as the lead voice. The words he sings are soft, tender, and potent. With every line, key moments in his storyline are written out in black and white.

With "To Sir With Love," the singers are toned down in power a bit. However, this works for the arrangement. Michele and Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes, are normally singers who belt out their assigned lyrics with full strength. It's nice to see their softer side. A couple of other actors not usually heard from have spoken lines during the piece, which makes for a good group number.

Matthew Morrison teams up with Mark Salling for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," with the blending of guitar and ukulele making for a whimsical combination. The song itself is made into a plaintive performance, full of nostalgia and grace.

Perhaps the best known song is "Don't Stop Believing," sung by most Glee cast members. This recording first introduced viewers to the mostly unseen group of singing actors when it showed up in previews all across the Net before the first episode had even aired. This latest version adds the vocals of Salling and Naya Rivera to the original group. It works well. The sound is strong and shows off the solid pipes of everyone.

For the most part, these are pretty decent arrangements of much-listened-to hits. Not all rise to the level of the original songs, but the album still makes for fun listening.

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  • I have to say I am not so sure if Glee really can pull it off on CD… i think what it needs are the production numbers and the fabulous campness to go along with it…otheriwse they are just quite average covers…