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Music Review: Gee Davey – She Sells Smiles & Black Bone Child – Black Bone Child

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In my travels to find the great undiscovered talent, the most interesting part to me is not just the music but the journey these artists go through. It is a constant struggle to be heard and I am always interested in what their story is. I think that is what makes their music so good. We are doing our best to bring forward these artists. Here are a couple of great new artists that we have found recently.

Gee Davey, She Sells Smiles

This New York band has gone through an evolution of sorts. In the early years, the band was much more of intense rock sound with heavy guitar and catchy lyrics. Their release of Sparticle in 2006 was big hit in the college radio circuit and found fans in places like Germany and Alaska.

When one of the original band founders and lead singers left, the sound began to change to a more pop rock sound. The change was a reflection of the vocals and writing of DJ Pearlman and fellow writer and band member Mike Bontempi.

She Sells Smiles, is their latest album. The title track is heavily influenced by the birth of DJ’s daughter Charlotte. Simply put, the only thing Charlotte has to sell is smiles! It is a fantastic song on a fantastic album. “Last Song”, is another track on that gets your feet stomping. This one of DJ’s favorite songs because, “the gist of it is one of these days I’ll write my last good song. I won’t know it when I write it, it might even take years to realize, but it will happen. And what happens to me after that last song, I suppose is anybody’s guess, but as it says in the song… ‘and I’ll sing my song to you; it’s all I want to do.’”

The band's name is from an old TV show Davey and Goliath. In the show, anytime Davey would be inclined to make the “wrong” decision, Goliath would always pop in with something like, “Gee, Davey. Maybe you shouldn’t do that”.

This is a great band and worth checking out.

Black Bone Child, Black Bone Child

Donny James and Kenneth Hailing last 8 years of collaboration have yielded their first CD release, self titled Black Bone Child. This hard charging rock and roll album will keep your feet clapping your air guitar cranking. Being a big blues fan myself, I love the way they pull in the harmonica and create that bluesy kind of rock and roll sound.

Black Bone Child hails from Austin Texas. Donny and Ken found their way to each other through a mutual friend. After four songs they realized they had the chemistry to create the sound they have both been looking for.

“Watch it Bum” is one their personal favorites on the album. The cool thing about this song is that much of it was written by email between these two artists. “Kenneth and I wrote that through emails before he moved out to Austin with me. I remember sending him the riff and some vocal ideas and he sent me a finished song,” said Donny James.

One of the refreshing things about this group is their desire to play live. With the tens of thousands of artists on the web and the major labels controlling what we hear on the radio, it is difficult to find the Black Bone Childs of the world. What separates the men from the boys is the live performances.

“I feel very proud being on stage with those three other guys because I know we are delivering everything Donny and I set out to do,” added Kenneth.

If you have a chance to check this band out, you won’t be disappointed. Black Bone Child has a bright future. Please support them.

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