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Music Review: From The Inside – Visions

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Almost four years after their debut album From the Inside return with this, their new release, Visions (Frontiers Records, 2008). Once again Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) and Fabrizio Grossi (Starbreaker, Glenn Hughes) team up along with guitarist Jimi Bell, drummer Peter Lobo and Eric Ragno (keyboards) to produce a melodic rock album laden with impossibly catchy, melodic hooks and radio friendly songs.

Danny Vaughn, of course, shot to fame as lead singer with Tyketto and on Visions delivers one of his most potent performances yet. He had just completed a tour with Journey and the experience clearly left its mark. When he got to work writing new songs for the album with Grossi and Ragno he was able to continue that vibe and produce song after song of melodic quality. Between them they wrote half the album with further tracks being written by Tom and James Martin (House of Lords) and Joey Carbone who contributed the excellent “Love Is No Stranger”.

From The Inside seem able to tap into a seemingly bottomless well of melodic rock material. Combine the excellent song writing to the effortlessly effective voice of Danny Vaughn and musicianship that totally compliments the material, and you have all the makings of a memorable album. Visions not only builds upon their well received first album but manages to propel the band forward onto an altogether higher level.

From the impressive opener “Light Years” all the way through the twelve tracks on the album they manage to maintain a staggeringly high quality. Fabrizio Grossi’s production is spot on and the set list is well paced with songs of love, life, and relationships getting going or going bad. Songs such as “Making Waves” and “Visions” give Danny the perfect platform to illustrate why he is such a highly regarded vocalist. “If It’s Not Love”, “Listen to Your Heart”, and “Love Is No Stranger” sit together perfectly each complimenting the other. The latter contains a `smooth Jimi Bell guitar solo which is the definition of how melodic rock should be played.

One of the album’s highlights, depending in which mood it catches you, has to be “One More Night in Heaven”, a track so strong it could walk straight onto the airwaves. Strikingly effective, it also boasts a guitar solo so familiar that you know exactly where it will go thus highlighting the strength of the song writing. “Push Me Off” has an infectious hook that will stay with you long after the album’s end. By the time the end does come you feel already acquainted with many of the songs that simply soak into your subconscious. Visions puts you in a car heading down the highway either towards or away from the one that you love. Relationships both good and bad are the essential ingredients for lasting AOR and this album oozes both in equal measure.

From the Inside's Official website has new and information.

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