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Music Review: Foreigner – Can’t Slow Down

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It's been a long, long time since the phrase "new Foreigner album" could be bandied around, without people pointing and mocking. In fact, it's been 16 years since the under-performing Mr. Moonlight record was released, and their last with original vocalist Lou Gramm. But Foreigner founder member Mick Jones hasn't been idling since reactivating the Foreigner name five or so years back, after a post-Gramm split hiatus. Instead, he's taken the band around the world and back again, playing live and reminding people of why they sold so many records the first time around. And there was a good reason for them selling over 50 million records worldwide. They had really great songs. It's simple but true, although so many bands seem to forget how essential it is. Which will be why this became the first Foreigner album to crack the Billboard Top 30 since Inside Information back in 1987. And now, us lucky foreigners are getting the chance to hear it for ourselves.

Jones is the only current Foreigner member with any attachment to the name, but the lynch-pin of the new new band is undoubtedly vocalist Kelly Hansen, a singer who deserved to be brought back from obscurity two decades after his star briefly shone with Hurricane. Mick Jones has also picked his rhythm section well with bassist Jeff Pilson (ex Dokken / Dio / MSG) sitting in beside new drummer Brian Tichy (Ozzy / Slash / Glenn Hughes), himself a replacement for Jason Bonham on the drum stool. It's a potent lineup, chock full of rock quality.

But it would all be for nothing if the record itself turned out to be rubbish. Thankfully, Mick Jones' writing mojo is still intact, even if he does err on the side of ballad. Although I suspect that was always going to be the case, given what the general public remember Foreigner best for. But it's when he digs out the rock guitars that it all works best for me. The opener, "Can't Slow Down" is the best of them, a track glistening with AOR class, but the seventies Foreigner throwback of "Too Late" runs it a close second, with it's Ian McDonald style keyboard sound. Elsewhere, "When It Comes To Love", brings in that patented "Urgent" saxophone sound, and there's more upbeat melodic rock in the shape of "Ready" and "Give Me A Sign". However, if it's a ballad you want, then look no further than "I Can't Give Up", which is up there with the best of them, featuring a flawless vocal from Kelly Hansen. The album also has a great sound, courtesy of producer Marti Frederiksen, best known for his Aerosmith collaborations, although Jones does bring in his stepson, Mark Ronson, to produce one number.

The album itself comes in several options with a 2CD / 1DVD edition including a live album and DVD, as well as a Collectors Edition replete with a signed 7" single. There's even a vinyl album version for folks who haven't bought a record since 4 came out. Or you could just get the regular CD.

And you should get it, because it's a fantastic album of quality, melodic rock, albeit one that could have lost a couple of the ballads for more of an impact. However, since it has been 16 years since the last Foreigner album, I'm happy to let that one slide.

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  • Lynn Voedisch

    Damn! I was a closet Foreigner freak in the Old Days, but it was a guilty pleasure. If anyone found out they’d shriek, “YOU like Foreigner?” Well, yes I do. This review makes me want to go out and get the CD and crank up the audio. I sure don’t look like the sweet young thing I was when “Hot Blooded” came out, but I still love the blasted record.
    Thanks for this.

  • Yvonne Roberts

    I bought the cd set and let me tell you it is an AWESOME!!! The dvd is incrediable what energy they bring out! I am so glad i bought this album it rocks . I love too late!! Keep it it up foreigner!!!

  • Sharon Landers

    Hey i love their music! I am definitely a Foreigner fan!! I saw their concert in Phoenix, Az thet kicked BUTT!!!! what a show, The cd is great.