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Music Review: Femmes Fatales

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DJ driven ambient, dance, trance, and electro-pop has been on the rise and moving into mainstream music in recent years. Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Royksopp, Mylo, and Faithless are just a few of the better known names. Those are also all male DJ’s, but women have had a growing influence in the realm of DJ dance too. Femmes Fatales – The Leading Ladies of Electronica is the compilation album from Mike Burns (one half of Interstate). And is a celebration of women on the mic, behind turntables, and in the production studio.

Femmes Fatales could have been stronger with only three really strong standout tracks. Andréa Burns, “100 Stories”, is ethereal, throbbing, electronic dance-pop. Andréa’s voice is a delectable feast of perfectly controlled power and flawlessly expressed emotion — anxious, ravenous, longing, and loss.

“Feeling Hypnotized” is a sultry, seductive vocal experience. Colette creates an atmospheric, ambient track that is sexual, enthralling, and vocally sensual. DJ Keri (a former MS Louisiana) treats us to her throaty sirens voice with “In My Eyes” a dance pop star in the waiting. With poppy, accessible beats and a retro synth feel it is an easy hit.

Femmes Fatales is dancey, ambient, and provocative but I can’t help feel it could have been so much stronger. Many of the tracks are very similar in sound and texture. There are very few reach-out-and-grab-you moments on Femmes Fatales lacking, as it does, vision, direction and substance. So don’t expect cutting edge sounds, hard driving dance anthems, or smooth hypnotic trance beats, although this CD is worth the money. It is a pop/dance album with a few great breakout tracks, the rest are listenable.

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    So. How does one become a “freelance writer and motorbike fanatic originally from Salt Lake City, now living in Scotland” ? How does that happen? Why Scotland? How does one subsist?

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  • Jank – I wouldn’t have taken this as an attack. *smile*

    How does someone become anything in their lives. I live to write so that part is easy to understand. Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world, easily. The people are friendly, intelligent, well educated and have a fantastic sense of humour. Why would I want to live anywhere else?

    As for motorbikes, well – I grew up on the back of my daddies motorbike and I guess I just think that’s what you do. You grow up and get a motorbike.

    And one subsists in the same way you do. I work for my money and pay the bills. I just work for pounds instead of dollars.

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