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Music Review: Farm World – The Mud Story

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When Michael Armstrong had spare time on his hands during 8th grade he started to create what he describes as “impulsive bedroom recordings.” Six years on nothing much has changed except that Michael has now released his first album The Mud Story now available for download.

Michael is Farm World and Farm World is Michael. Having been the drummer in a high school band called The Von Trapps he is now very much a one man band. Everything you hear on this album is his creation, his work, and his vision.

Now majoring in physics he “spends his days waiting for pockets of inspiration, whilst the housemates are out, to belt, clap, and pluck short chanteys, ballads, and anthems into a small computer before the memory runs low.”

For The Mud Story album Michael adds acoustic guitar, MIDI keys, harmonica, and accordion to his imaginative song-writing and tapestry of electronic future- folk. One listen confirms that this is a guy who has music constantly in his head, flowing like a fountain from a rich and varied source.

This would, of course, be the ultimate frustration unless he had the ability to convert those imaginings into music. This he does in abundance. Despite, by his own admission, never spending more than 4 hours working on any one track he manages to weave a richly satisfying atmosphere within his music.

In 2008, aged 18, he busked his way across Europe with a friend, pitching up and playing on the streets of the major cities. It proved to be a good musical education and since then he has been writing almost non stop.

Tracks such as “Thank God”, “Crab Walk”, “The Spring Constant”, and my personal favourites “Suburban Revolt”, and the atmospheric “World War Fun” all help underline his undoubted potential.

With a quirky confidence and a rich vision Michael eases you towards his music like a moth to a flame. He has successfully delivered a multi layered atmosphere of refreshingly uplifting, yet soothing textures that all lap together nicely at your feet.

The Mud Story ends with the back to back pair of “In The Green” and “In The Blue” tracks that challenge the one man in his bedroom spirit of the album and leaves you curious for more.

For details and a listen to this along with other available downloadable tracks please visit Farm World’s official website.

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  • avjackson5

    I recently heard an artist called Solitary Ape, which I’ve been told is another project by Farm World, but I can’t find any of his music online, where should I look next? I love this music and am desperate to hear more if there is more! There are no songs to be found on the official website you posted 🙁