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Music Review: Fake Problems – How Far Our Bodies Go

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Fake Problems will be grabbing some attention with their debut LP release of How Far Our Bodies Go this year. The Naples, Florida act has created quite the addicting little sing-a-log folksy punk album that, without a doubt, will get your foot tapping to the beat. Musically they are compared to their 5 hour away neighbors Against Me! but in their earlier years. How Far Our Bodies Go has been released under Sabot Productions.

Even if they have a striking resemblance to current tour mates Against Me! they rock out in their own way. They don’t wear make-up, they don’t whine about how no one likes them, they just sing about the love of life and the fear of death. They have toured all over the place, put on some pretty entertaining shows to new fans, and have currently hit the road again in support of their new release. What’s more interesting is their style of mixing more elements of folk and indie rock over punk making this CD a very fun one to listen to.

Opening track “How Far Our Bodies Go” immediately calls all of the Against Me! fans to hurry up and memorize the lyrics so they can sing along. The song is happy, easy to learn, and just a great way to start out a CD. “Born & Raised” again is a fun alt-country like song that keeps your attention. With bits of what sounds like cowbells and some keyboards, this was one of my choice cuts on the CD. One of the harder tracks “Maestro Of This Rebellion” sneaks in some fiddle and horns creating what I feel is the best track on this CD. "To Repel Ghosts" was another track that I enjoyed, especially the fiddle.

“Crest on the Chest / Cold on the Soul Preprise” immediately reminds me of something Rancid might have done. Lead singer Chris Farren sometimes hits Lars Frederickson like singing in the song. “Staying & Leaving as Living & Dying / Heck Yeah Reprise” was quite the entertaining song that I have listened to a few times over. The song reminds me of something I might hear from a Saddle Creek band. If you really want a mellow song to make you just relax for a couple of minutes then listen to “Oh Maria”.

I do not think that all fans of Against Me! are going to get a kick out of this album. Not all of the songs are louder than normal sing-a-longs. The music is not as punk as it is folksy and I myself really appreciated this album a lot more because of that. It’s nice to see bands mix it up a little and try something that has not been done. Knowing that these guys have been playing music since they were kids and finally achieving that goal of releasing alone is remarkable. Hearing what they have created though is far more tremendous. If you are looking for something different but still catchy then you need to check out Fake Problems.

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