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Music Review: Eminem – Recovery

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Listenable, but definitely not his best. This is how I would describe this latest offering from Eminem.

If the past is any indication, Eminem cannot seem to play good music with others. There are exceptions: his collaborations with the Bass Brothers, Dre, D12, etc., but his record is far from spotless when it comes to his relationship with other musical artist. This is probably the main reason why his latest album – Recovery – has not been making enough stir in what used to be his strong domain, despite all the hype and pomp. So far, Recovery has not delivered the punch that Eminem lovers were hoping for.

Some watchers in the musical scene are now wondering if this latest release by Eminem will meet the same end as Relapse. With the way things are coming down, Recovery and Relapse are becoming more and more like close siblings. In fact, some observers consider them as concrete proof of what happens if Eminem is left to his own devices and allowed to take on that gung-ho style of his.

In a way, I would consider Recovery a fairly pleasant listening experience, but definitely it is way off from what we used to get from Eminem. While it hit the target in terms of lyrical depth, it is far from being tagged as Eminem’s magnum opus as it is bereft of real coherence. Indeed, if you are looking for some stellar performance from Eminem, this latest album release is definitely not it.

One bright spot about this latest drop is that this time around he has made significant improvement from his previous “comeback” album – Relapse. It is far from being stellar, but definitely way better than in that last album.

I guess some of his hardcore followers will definitely miss that familiar Eminem tag in this album. That distinct juvenile swagger has been replaced by a more sober and solid character and from the outset you will see that this is a different man this time around. From the usual bare-knuckle gigs, Em’s performance has morphed into something that is oh-so edifying.

For those who have been used to Eminem of old, it is kind of weird to hear him offer his helping hand on “Not Afraid.” Even when he decides to wear his satire hat, it is as if he is taking on the role of an outsider looking in. While I admire him for taking the big step in reinventing himself as an artist, it seems that the search for the new Eminem is far from over and letting go of a big part of the old Em may not be a great idea.

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  • Someone is impersonating me on BlogCritics. I did not write this article and I have never written about Eminem, nor ever had an accountt here. Thank you.

  • bri

    i think u have no idea how to do a reveiw,i think it is a great album and the best by anyone in a while. and how do u say he cant do calob,have u heard stan,no love,wont back down,purple hill,love the way you lie?? all hits- numbers dont lie

  • Marshall Mathers

    I thought Relapse sucked. There were some good songs on it, sure, but most were horrible, in my opinion. I absolutely love Recovery, it’s awesome.

  • Holly

    I have to say I am not a fan of this one.

    Any time he collaborates something seems to get lost. I am not saying its rubbish, but for me it lacks that edge.


  • Stacy Renee

    I have to agree with the first poster, definitely not his best work, although I do like it and have bought it.

    Stacy Renee

  • Dawn

    i thiink the album recovery is one of his best ! i love ever song on it ! i listen to it ever day since it came out and still get goose bumps!

  • Travis

    This album was great. Ya, not his best, but very good. You have no idea what the hell your saying.

  • Word

    This is the most ridiculous review I have read about this album. You shouldn’t have someone review an album that clearly doesn’t like the artist. This album has been extremely successful for a reason. It’s a really good album. This is the album of the year by far. I would strongly recommend completely ignoring this horrible review.

  • 2000-2005

    This new Eminem is good, but he doesn’t have the caliber of impact his 2000-2005 music had. Especially if you go listen to his REAL songs…’stimulate’, ‘we as americans’, ‘hellbound’. Now that was crazy shit. That was the shit you couldn’t turn off. Now, I can find myself turning off ‘Not Afraid’ or that fucking ‘Love the Way You Lie’. Truth is, if I had to choose, it would be the old Eminem over the new, when he didn’t give a shit if he got awards, which he didn’t even bother attending half the time. He’s still good and he’s my fav rapper, but hopefully he’ll atleast give his old era a proper farewell with one last ‘Eminem Show’ or MMLP.

  • ….

    8- I’m withe you!!!!! Ever! Eminem is the best and just got beter withe time

  • Me

    Please dont ever review an eminem album ever again

  • I think that Recovery is a far better album than Relapse. Is it his best, no. However, it’s spawned two big hits, “Not Afraid” and “Love The Way You Lie” with Rihanna.

    As a fan, this is the side of Eminem I want to see. This album felt more personal and real. The album sales alone show that he doesn’t have to rely on the usual Eminem antics to sell his record.

  • Busta

    Agree “Recovery” is mediocre. “Relapse” was brilliant – much better album, despite Em’s own opinion. “Relapse” was the return to form.

  • james

    i see that lewis likes 25 to life putting his own feelings to the review using the song, nice wordplay man @_@

  • The watcher420

    Who wrote this? use normal people words, everyone that has this app wants to hear good things, relapse was sick, better then recovery, recovery was dope a good change, disagree with me, make like a tree

  • dude

    This review sucks

  • lewis

    I don’t think you understand
    The sacrifices that he made
    Maybe if you had listend right
    I would have not complained
    But I’ve already wasted over half my lunch break,
    I could have laid down and slept for an hour

  • James Muscat

    I dont agree with how you compare relapse and recovery as siblings in a negative sense

    Recovery is a hell of a step forward and involves some incredible wordplay, emotion and empathy.

    Sure he isnt the same “wreckless” rapper who doesnt give a shit about anything, but his newest material certainly deserves major credit