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Music Review: Eminem – Recovery

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The great Eminem is back with his best batch of music since 2002's The Eminem Show. His latest release, Recovery, which was leaked a few weeks ago on the Internet, made its way to stores and became available for legal download on June 21st.

Over the past few years, Eminem has been in a self-admitted slump, when he was on drugs and going through rehab. Eminem even apologizes for his last two albums, 2004's Encore and last year's Relapse. On “Talkin’ 2 Myself,” he raps, “Hit my bottom so hard I bounce twice suffice this time around/It's different them last two albums didn't count/Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushing em out/I've come up to make it up to you no more fucking around/I've got something to prove to fans I feel like I let em down/So please accept my apology I finally feel like I'm back to normal.”

I’m sure every rapper in the game, if not every musician out there would love to have a slump like Eminem. Encore garnered several nominations at the 49th annual Grammy Awards. This past year at the Grammys, Relapse again garnered Eminem several nominations and a win in the Best Rap Album category. It just goes to show that even when Eminem is off his game, he’s still the best MC around.

Eminem seemed to approach this album with a renewed passion, which was mostly absent on his last effort, except for a few songs. He used those bright spots on Relapse as a launching pad to point himself in the right direction on Recovery.

With this renewed passion, this latest release is bound to get some love at next year's Grammys. This album has a crop of stellar tracks, including “Going Through Changes,” which uses a sample of Black Sabbath’s “Changes.” “No Love,” which features Lil Wayne, is a unique twist on Haddaway’s “What Is Love,” while “You’re Never Over” is a song dedicated to his late best friend Proof. Other highlights include “Love the Way You Lie” with Rihanna, “Space Bound” and “25 To Life.”

These songs introduce us to a more mature and a somewhat calmer Eminem. On this album, he is learning from past mistakes, getting over his many addictions and vowing to change.

On “Not Afraid,” he raps, “And I just can't keep living this way/So starting today, I'm breaking out of this cage/I'm standing up, Imma face my demons/I'm manning up, Imma hold my ground/I've had enough, now I'm so fed up/Time to put my life back together right now!” This is an Eminem who his ready to start anew.

With Eminem back to form and a bunch of young, up-and-coming rappers entering the game, rap seems to be in great shape. So be sure to give Recovery a listen.

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  • Carter 3

    Best rapper to ever step in the booth – hands down. When he dies the whole world will realize he was the best artist to ever live.

    KING SHADY!!!!!!!

  • Andy L.

    I agree. He is the best rapper ever.


    1. Eminem
    2. Wayne
    3. Jay

    But Jay and Wayne wouldn’t make the all time greats list, Em would though. He is the best ever, no arguing it.

  • Talk Timmee

    For sure he is. He has sold over 800million records, his rhymes piss on every other rapper, and he always finds a way to say exactly what we are thinking. Em will never be rivaled, everrrrr.
    EM 4 LIFEEE$$$!!!

  • Aneesh

    perfect review. Eminem is without a doubt the greatest.
    there aint no stoppin him now.

  • Gabrielle Rosenberg

    Recovery is Eminem at his best, again, although even at his worst he is still prolific, and a competitive act to try to follow no less beat
    Curtains up- and Em is dynamite, so dynamite…

  • me

    Em is the best rapper alive, if not the best ever. Recovery is the best album I have heard in years, my fav em album. I dont like how people think relapse was bad though. I loved it.

  • Kay

    I love this album…..I definitely agree with eveyone who commented.

    He’s the best ever!!!!