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Music Review: Emery – …In Shallow Seas We Sail

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After releasing some of my favorite songs to date, such as "The Party Song," and "Rock-N-Rule," I did not think that Emery would top their 2007 full length, I'm Only a Man. I was wrong. In fact, …In Shallow Seas We Sail includes some of their best music to date. Produced by Aaron Sprinkle and released on Tooth & Nail Records, Emery's thirteen-track album leaves the synthesizers in the studio, focusing on a glorious return to their heavy roots.

Prior to their June 2, 2009 release, Emery was fighting for their own unique sound. Their albums' consisted of two themes; standard spiritual themes and transparent post-rock. …In Shallow Seas We Sail proved to their audience that Emery was prevalent once again with their seamless sound. They were able to unite the post-hardcore screams with beautiful cleans in a way that brings their fans to nothing short of amazement. Released less than one year later than their 2008 EP While Broken Hearts Prevail, ...In Shallow Seas We Sail allows for some progressive melodic moments to flaunt, and emphasize their hardcore foundation. The result is magnificent.

Many of us heard their first single, "Cutthroat Collapse" on their MySpace as a digital download in early April. At the time, I was not sold. I thought that it was a decent post-hardcore track that lacked flow. After listening to the album, I really decided that this was a perfect intro track. My favorite aspect of "Cutthroat Collapse" is the dual vocals headed by Toby Morell. It elicited a raw side of his vocal range we haven't seen before. This is one of the albums that needs to be listened straight through to absorb it's musicianship. It quickly becomes apparent that Emery has returned to their roots while combining their softer sound seen on their last few albums. Both their instrumental and vocal success on this album allows for …In Shallow Seas We Sail to be Emery's most mature album to date.

After much thought, I'm going to have to give the best song on the album to "Butcher's Mouth." It does give me a mainstream vibe, but in a good way. It retains its edge with a solid and catchy chorus while retaining Emery's true sound. I really can't say anything negative about this song. I can feel the effort put forth on the vocals, the strongest element. It gives me the vibes of a track that Emery spent hours perfecting. This is a perfect example track of Emery's matured sound. It has a great progressive vibe put forth by the brilliant piano work.

In a year dominated by Warped Tour derived pop punk albums, Emery decided to let us all know that they would not let us forget about them. After their mediocre EP released last year, Emery had to release something along the lines of I'm Only a Man in order to retain their position as one of the best post-hardcore bands out there. If you like acts along the lines of Anberlin, Underoath, Escape The Fate, and Monty Are I, this is for you. It took forty-one minutes and one second for Emery to produce an album that without a doubt will bring back their fan base. If I could relate this to baseball, Emery just hit a homerun with …And Shallow Seas We Sail.

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