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Music Review: Elliott Yamin – Fight For Love

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Elliot Yamin has turned a stint on American Idol into a bonafide recording career. With his new album, Fight For Love, the 30-year-old crooner offers a rock-solid set of pop and R&B tracks that highlight his throaty vocals, deft songwriting ability as well as the laudable contributions of such songwriters and producers as Johnta Austin, Jermaine Dupri, Stargate and JR Rotem, among others.

Fight For Love is a self-assured set that finds Yamin crooning in a strong tenor and capitalizing on the acclaim and commercial success of his marvelous 2007 self-titled debut which featured such hits as “Wait For You”. On Fight For Love, we get several more stunners as Yamin channels that soulful place on cuts like “Apart From Me”, “You Say” and other irresistible gems like the title track and “Know Better”. It is worth mentioning that Yamin’s Fight For Love bears striking similarities in sound and content to David Archuleta’s 2008 self-titled release. That’s a very good thing; Archuleta’s debut was one of the best releases of the past year. Yamin also possesses that vocal conviction that has distinguished the work of Clay Aiken and a few other noteworthy talents.

On Fight For Love, Yamin sings a lot, too, about longing for companionship and finding The One. You feel him. But what makes his music both likable and memorable is the heart and raw emotion he pours into the songs. You never get tired of hearing him, which is a relief, believe me. You will be enthralled by the opening track "Let Love Be", a wonderful track to be savored and played repeatedly, and other cuts like the beautifully written cuts “You”, “This Step Alone” and “Someday”. With the sensitivity and consistency demonstrated throughout the album, the singer pulls you in.

Evidently, Yamin is making it clear that he has what it takes to join the ranks of the brilliant male singer-songwriters of our time while making his musical influences (Donnie, Stevie et al) proud. Heck, I’m sure ‘Idol’ voters are glad they supported him on Season 5 of the hit TV show, though he only copped a runner-up finish. He has not disappointed them since. Like his debut project, Fight For Love is laden with luscious grooves and powerful singing. A man who doesn’t shy away from opening up his heart to listeners, Yamin’s rise to stardom continues.

DOWNLOAD: “You Say”, “Fight For Love”, “Apart From Me” and “Let Love Be”


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  • Music is my life!!I just buy the CD. Songs are really amazing!

  • Me

    The album kinda sucks. If u hear one song youve heard the whole thing.

  • teresa

    Buy the whole CD! It is worth every penny! I promise you will enjoy every song!