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Music Review: Electric Tickle Machine — Blew It Again

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I can’t say exactly what Electric Tickle Machine is supposed to be. There’s little to no information on the group’s background and it seems in their debut album, Blew It Again, that they are all over the place musically. Despite my lack of understanding of where they come from and what they are supposed to be, the 10 tracks that make up the album suggest to me they are feeling out what works and what doesn’t.
The first four tracks (“Blew It Again”, “Bones”, “Somethin’ Else”, and “Part Of Me”) have solid production values which work in terms of rocking the crowd. The trouble comes when you actually try and understand the lyrics. Perhaps my ears are getting worse with age, but I prefer it when musicians try to put up front what they are trying to say as opposed to weaseling in a word or two behind a traffic jam.
With “Find A Home”, the band eases up on the jamming to allow a more intimate musical experience. This track, “Fast Train” and “Honest Injun” are the true gems of this album that seem to give the band more freedom to experiment with their sounds. It could be argued, and this is just a guess from what I’ve heard, that ETM are somewhere between The Kinks and The Doors in their musical style.
Despite my issues with the first four tracks of this album, I will definitely keep a look out for this group and future recordings. I would suggest that in the future they do a few things differently as they carve out for their place in the music business.
On their official website, you can get their debut album and their Twitter and Facebook pages.  You cannot, however, get any information on who they are musically and who does what in the band. I could attribute that to being very busy with going to concerts and working on new songs and such, but that part is very important to giving a new listener some idea as to what they are going to be hearing from a group.
The group also seems to have a YouTube page, but not a line in the channel information about whether this was the official page or not. This is crucial in itself because YouTube is viewed a lot of musical content old as well as new. ETM could easily find themselves new audiences if they choose to the channel they have. ETM apparently also have a MySpace page with some of the same issues.
You get a few YouTube videos and a picture of the band, but not a biography of who is who. A few tweaks here and there would clear that minor problem up real fast and give them a good presence. Blew It Again is not most soild debut album I've ever heard, but it's fun listening to a group that is trying to find itself. I’m not completely sure about the name of the group though. I think ETM would be a better idea than Electric Tickle Machine.
Then again, the name has a giggle inducing quality about it.
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