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Music Review: Elane – Love Can’t Wait

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Love Can’t Wait is an album by Elane released in 2005, a wonderful, dark fantasy folk group coming out of Germany. Once you listen to this album you will feel like you’re being taken to a place of mystical wonder.

The songs in this album from Elane are spellbinding. The songs you will hear are: “In Nights of Rain and Storm (Orchestral Version),” “Love Can’t Wait (Single Version),” “My View So Bright” and “Spell to the Dew.”

Song one: From what I understand, “In Nights…” is about an ancient forest that had rain long ago and mother nature is telling man that she will always be with him.

Song two: The title track seems to be about a woman wandering around a forest desperately wanting to be with her dream lover and desires to find him.

Song three: To me, “My View So Bright” is about a woman that’s hoping to be rescued by her dream lover while stargazing.

Song four: “Spell to the Dew” might have a magical twist where a woman is wishing upon a star for her dream lover to meet and dance with her in the forest.

Elane has four musicians in all: Joran Elane (voice, whistles, harp), Skaldir (guitar, voice, whistle), Nico (keyboards, programming, voice) and Simon (viola, violin, cello). It is full of virtuosos!

You can find Elane’s music at iTunes and at elane-music.com. Elane has been making and playing music since 2001, and played live shows with other German folk rock groups such as Faun and Qntal. Joran Elane also does her own artwork and you can find it at glenvore-art.com

Since the lyrics where not easy to decipher from Elane’s album and together with great music, I’m going to give it a 4-star rating.

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