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Music Review: Eddy Current Suppression Ring

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Three or four chords, snarling dirty bass lines, and loud drums — that's what Eddy Current Suppression Ring has to offer. They are a bit subdued and sing songs about waking up, eating ice cream, and not having any money. They pretty much follow a garage band punk playbook from the Sex Pistols, Stooges, and Velvet Underground.

Named after small copper rings found on electrical transformers, which are used at vinyl pressing plants where lead singer Brendan Suppression and guitarist Eddy Current worked, the Eddy Current Supression Ring has been around since 2005. This self-titled debut album was originally released in 2006 but only in Australia. After the band's second release Primary Colors, Goner Records, a Memphis-based punk label, decided to go back and put out ECSR's first release. Recorded in four hours, this release is messy and alternating catchy and blah.

The 11-track effort has some high points — songs like "Cool Ice Cream," "Having a Hard Time," "Precious Rose," and "Insufficient Funds" — at which a song bursts forth quick and dirty and fun and the lyrics – "It's all square even when it's round/That's what I've found" and "I'm having a hard time, having a hard time, stayin' awake, fallin' asleep" among others — are juvenile but make you a bit giddy. The rest of this CD is mostly not that interesting.

The quartet, rounded out by bassist Rob Solid and drummer Danny Current, doesn't make any bad songs, in fact they mix in some cool keyboard and gnarly rhythms, but they aren't above average. ESCR is pretty solid though and I would bet they put on a hell of a fun live show. You can find out how their shows are because the band is touring the U.S. in June and July. Find out more information at the band's website and their MySpace page and let me know if I'm right.

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