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Music Review: Eddie Orso – He Said / She Said

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February 23rd, 2010… mark the date on your Blackberry or iPhone or write it on your forehead with a black sharpie for all I care. This is the date that you will need to get your handy dandy PC\Mac out and log into iTunes and get your Eddie Orso solo debut album, He Said / She Said. You can also pre-order it on his official website.

Why? Because I have had it for over two weeks now and two things… one, can't stop listening to it and two, wishing there was more then six tracks. OK granted the six tracks that Eddie has put out are of very fine quality, still, I was expecting more. Needing more. Wanting more!

I became a fan of Eddie Orso on a fluke through my creeper moments on Facebook. Stumbled across his fan page and became a fan. Eddie is one of those energetic artists that you immediately fall in love with, watching his fun little video blogs. I have stated before that Eddie Orso is reminiscent of Sam Roberts. I am going to take that back and say that Eddie is Eddie. An artist that really projects the love of music in everything he does.

"Moving Straight" is Eddie's first single from the album. It starts off with that electric 1-2-3-4 punch. One of those great songs that gets your feet a-stomping. He has the voice that is a little country and plenty of rock and roll.

"Virginia Green" really shows Eddie's musical talent starting off with a simple beat building to song that has so much depth. In the song he sings about "Virgina Green" a girl\woman going out on her own. It's my personal favorite track.

"Be All Mine Tonight" has fun lyrics about a free loving woman who just wants to have fun, live for now and worry about tomorrow later? Or not.

"40 Up 40 Down" the last track has that great simple bass line in the background that makes even the no dancers sway. However, not sure what "40 Up 40 Down" means? "Mary Lou (Would You Let Me Down) and "Counting On You" round up the six track EP.

All in all a great first solo album. An album that would make a great playlist on a long road-trip through the Canadian highways. Roll the windows and crank the stereo.

Eddie Orso and band will be holding their CD release party @ The Horseshoe in Toronto on Thursday March 4th. So plan on booking the next day off of work because it will be a rocking show. Definitely a band you have to see live.
Here is a sneak peek

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