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Music Review: Driver Side Impact – The Very Air We Breathe

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Post-hardcore / emo band Driver Side Impact has released their first full length album The Very Air We Breathe under Victory Records. The Cleveland, OH sextet has managed to crate an album full of music that does not resemble the mainstream material that floods the radio. They have created a CD for the love of music and not the quest for success.

The band has a sound that mixes a little Hawthorn Heights sans the vocal destroying screaming and a little slower Senses Fail with less harsh lyrics. I find myself also thinking about the band Thursday on a couple of the tracks. The typical band ensemble is accompanied with electronics making for a nice different approach.

“Your Time To Shine” starts the album off on a good foot. The music starts off as if the album is going to be heavy but once the singing starts you can feel the emo. The guitars and drums are accompanied with keyboard and some programmed samples making for a good tune.

“Reasons We Sleep” was another decent track. I really enjoyed the addition of electronic noises with the song. It makes the music a lot more interesting than other emo-like bands out there. Other tracks “Cowboys And Indians” and “Life Like Monkeys” were various decent tracks as well.

“Tonight… We Dance!” was one of the tracks that reminded me of Thursday but much more experimental. The song could easily become one of the higher played tracks on the CD.

Honestly, at my age, I have had enough emo. I have long been out of high school for years now and lack the desire to be depressed all day. My poem books are closed until they are discovered the next time I move. Luckily, there are millions of other kids out there in the world looking for a band to relate to. With the emo style and lyrics aimed at the lost, Driver Side Impact will transmit to those kids and offer them what they are looking for.

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  • DSI is one of the best bands that have come out in a long time. Their music is great and the guys are evn better. The guys are down to earth and take time to talk to their fans! All around another great band to come out of Ohio!