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Music Review: Diddy Featuring Christina Aguilera – “Tell Me”

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Even though there's been a lukewarm response to Puff Daddy – I mean P. Diddy – I mean Diddy's return to rap music, there's quite the buzz surrounding his new single with Christina Aguilera called "Tell Me." Many people already recognize the track because it was used on an episode of Diddy's pet project, MTV's Making The Band 3 last season to gauge the girls' talents in the studio (even at the time it was already known Christina would be singing on the track).

Diddy desperately needs this new single considering the fact that his debut single with Nicole Sherzinger (yes, from the Pussycat Dolls), "Come To Me," has flopped on radio — stalling at a sad #25 on the Billboard Hot 100. I'm not sure why it was the first single in the first place — the song is so boring it should have never even seen the light of day, let alone be the premier track from an album where you have a song like "Tell Me."

His new album entitled Press Play is set for release on October 17, which doesn't give much time for "Tell Me" to garner enough airplay to help his first week sales, but considering the popularity of the rapper turned mega-mogul, he should do decently enough for the album to hold out until the track blows up on radio.

The track starts off with a hot beat and Diddy's opening rap verse:

Let's play a game
Let's pretend for a second
You don't know who I am or what I do
Let's just put it to the side
I can feel your heart beating
I can hear you breathing
Look into your eyes
Trying to see into your mind

But where the song really heats up is with Christina's catchy hook that truly makes the song. Hearing Christina's voice on the song compared with the girls from MTB reminds me how much I appreciate singers who know how to stay on key. Christina's sexy voice coos:

Tell me, what you thinking about
When you got me waitng patiently
And usually, I don't have to wait for nobody
But there's something about you
That really got me feeling weak
And I'm trying to find the words to speak

It looks like this song might finally get Christina the urban airplay many of her fans have wanted her to get for so long ("Ain't No Other Man" and "Can't Hold Us Down" got moderate urban airplay, but nothing significant) but it's still mainstream enough to get Diddy the exposure his album needs to garner some decent sales.

The track is produced by Just Blaze, goes for official radio adds on November 7 (which gives enough time for Aguilera's current single "Hurt" to gain traction as well) and the video which was shot last week is set for release sometime in the near future.

Some pictures have surfaced from the set of the video (which apparently saw some drama between Diddy and Christina with regards to her tardiness and her solo dance sequence) and it looks like Mrs. Bratman has scrapped the retro look (for now) and is back to her dirrty ways.

Listen to the track now and judge for yourself it it'll help Diddy or Christina's most recent efforts.

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  • Revelation

    This tracks is filthy, so far diddy’s new album seems it’ll be fire. I’ve hears some other songs like “everything I love” and it has raw ass beats and flow that is missing from rap now a days. It seems rappings now only release albums for the money and don’t have that “unique” sound! It seems most rap sounds the same. Some are good, but most suck ballsssssssss.

  • Bianca

    i really love christina! this song is marvelous and so was hurt… christina is sure to set fire on charts and win grammy next year!

  • Woody

    Christina is Hot!

  • nate

    im sorry but christinas vocals on the hook and bridge make the song. she will make the song a top 10 smash, diddy just tries to rap like everybody out there, and its so obvivious. im glad you corrected a lot of people by saying that it was never Danity whosevers song, that it was always diddy and christinas song. cause people was gettin confused. like always.

  • Fat Song!!!! The baddest bitch is back!!!! Christina is the best of the best! And diddy is the baddest bad boy!!!!! THATs a great together WORk!!!


  • many people think that christina aguilera ain’t wheres its at. well to me she can sing just like aaliyah, ashanti, well ashanti can’t sing that well she need a lil more work and she be good to the good but ms. aguilera can blow and i like some of her lyrics.

  • matt

    christina makes the track and the vid she is soo hot and what a voice

  • frankmurong

    It’s regarded that it was CHRISTINA AGUILERA&P.DIDDY! rather Than Diddy Featuring Christina Aguilera !!!!!!!

  • Andonis

    P.Diddy’s track feat christina is a rollercoaster of musical hight fast beats that got the ideal positive lyrics to connect the track a brilliant new track for hip.hop fans and any musical fans not all that are hip-hop fans,The first time I heard this track I wondered who the track was by and who sang but when I realized its P.Diddy feat christina aguilera I realized that if christina feautured at P.Diddy’s Tell Me track the chances of a succesful hit were ovbious I like Tell Me the videoclip and christian she looks really hot and sexy as ever befor they both make musical partners a musical team to enjoy watch and listin I’d reccoment for all fans hip-hop fanz and non hip-hop fans to listen to Tell Me.

  • musiclover

    This song is really hot! I think it’s great that Diddy wants to make a comeback! What better way to do it than to feature one of the, if not, the most powerful vocalist of today’s music generation. Like her or not, you have to admit the girl can definitely sing! In my opinion this was an awesome pairing! I hope that the two of them decide to do another one together!!!


  • soraia

    I love this music

  • ajanadiana

    Christina is the BEST!

  • Meg

    Omgsh!! this song makes me want to fuckk my guy.

  • nilva

    sUper gnda tlga nia………..nd sexy pa,