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Music Review: Derek Miller – The Dirty Looks

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Damn he's good!

Pardon my French (and I can say that, I am French) but what else can I say? Sitting here at the Casbah lounge in Hamilton ON on a Tuesday night, that's the constant refrain running through my hyper brain at the start of each song; damn he's good!

With Derek, it doesn't seem to matter where or to whom he's playing. He's just as lively and entertaining weather he's performing for thousands or just a couple of drunken fools in a local bar or even the cat. Derek's personality is both down to earth and larger than life.

On the one hand, Derek is goofy, funny, tells crass jokes and relates to the audience on an intimate, one on one level. On the other hand, Derek commands attention with an exuberant stage presence. Playing the ultimate in kick ass rockin' blues guitar and looking like a smooth as silk 40's gangster a three piece pin stripped suit, Miller is just one sinfully cool cat from head to foot.

He's been described as "Link Wray and Hank Williams on peyote" and I'd have to wholeheartedly agree with that statement. His music is the ultimate in hard rock blues, which as you may or may not know, is my absolute favorite kind of music, and Derek may well be my absolute favorite rockin' blues man!

His first solo CD Music is the Medicine, released in 2002 on indie label Warrior was an impressive selection of soulful ballads and blues guitar played to full on passion. With 2006's The Dirty Looks on Curve Music however, Derek's already impressive skills as a musician and songwriter went through the roof.

High octane energy reverberates from the speakers right down through my spine with amazing tracks like "10,000 RPM", "Devil Come Down Sunday, "Shot O' Cocaine" and "Never Gonna Get Enough." I even love the ballads "Ocean", "Stormy Eyes" and "Ohh la la". Yes folks, you read that right; me, Nat, the original hates-the-bloody-rock-ballad-so -much-they-make-me-want-to-stick-hot-needles-through-my-temples gal' is actually impressed with the , dare I say it…ballads.  Hey, they are soulful, bluesy and not so saccharine that I fear going into sugar shock.

Derek MillerBut his live shows are by far among of the best I've seen. Derek Miller and his band, Ken Hoover on Bass and Dale Harrison on Drums make up the full compliment of what you need for an unbeatably great time . No fancy pyrotechnics are required. Just three phenomenal musicians including Derek Miller feeling the music move him to another plane of existence.

I highly recommend catching Derek Miller live and for those fortunate enough to be in the Toronto area this Saturday December first, you can catch the man playing at Jeff Healey's Roadhouse.

Derek Miller will be the headlining the RedSkin magazine launch party, hosted by Rudy Youngblood "Jaguar Paw from Mel Gibson's Apocalypto". The party will also include a guitar giveaway and the cover model search finalists. The show will also be recorded for a live DVD, which I look forward to seeing.

Hey, beautiful women, a guitar give-away and Derek Miller's hard rockin' blues. What else could you possibly ask for? You can find out more information about Derek Miller's shows at Redskin magazine and check out Derek Miller at his own website.

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  • C.R.

    Well.., I’m definitely sold!!
    I’ll be checking out his touring schedule.
    ps:(I like the ”needles in my temple bitt…very funny stuff..)