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Music Review: Delicious Vinyl All-Stars RMXXOLOGY Deluxe Edition

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Get the party started any time of the year with Delicious Vinyl All-Stars RMXXOLOGY Deluxe Edition, a 30-track double CD that pumps through new remixes, classic cuts, and instrumentals that will make you go mental.

Sound like a lot of loaded hype? It isn’t. This is one packed-to-the-rafters double-CD. Taking all the hits from this past summer’s RMXXOLOGY album and jamming it with instrumentals, unreleased remixes, and classics from the Delicious Vinyl vaults, this is one Deluxe Edition that ain’t just blowing smoke.

RMXXOLOGY packs a generous helping of remixes of classic rap tracks. Imagine electro –freak Peaches mixing Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing” or Eminem turning the wheels of steel on a remix of the Masta Ace classic “Slaughtahouse” and you’ve got an idea of what awaits on this incredible compilation.

The art of the remix can be tricky, even for the best DJs and artists around. Some remixes simply mess with perfection, destroying an original work’s efficacy through sloppy beats and obnoxious turntable showcasing. An effective remix, on the other hand, can boost the relevance of classic tracks and provoke new emotions from old favorites. Such is the case with RMXXOLOGY, as the artists take the best of these rap classics and make them even better.

Don Rimini’s take on the Young MC standard “Bust a Move” does just that. It’s a total repackaging of the classic track, with new beats and new shiny surfaces designed to make your ass bounce on the dance floor. Don Rimini’s command over the pulse is impeccable, as we discovered earlier this year with Kick 'N Run. Here, he’s a dynamo, ripping the track up, building it again, and blowing the roof off.

Other remixes find similar shit going on. The aforementioned Peaches does her thing all over “Wild Thing,” for instance. The original riff is kept intact, of course, but the electro diva messes with everything else and formulates a slinky, dirty remix. Peaches injects her own vocals, too, making the track a slick duet.

Hot Chip takes on The Pharcyde’s “Passin’ Me By” and turns it into a haunting, provocative tune. Also included are remixes by Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir, Diplo, and Pink Enemy.

The bonus disc features instrumentals of many of the remixes, ideal for pumping solid beats through your stereo system. And Delicious Vinyl cracked open the vaults for originals by Tone Loc, Young MC, Masta Ace, and The Pharcyde.

The Delicious Vinyl All-Stars RMXXOLOGY Deluxe Edition is a slammin’ soundtrack to your Saturday night. Whether you’re old school or new school, you’ll find something to groove to on this scrumptious compilation of favorites.

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