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Music Review: David Martin – Something In Your Eyes

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Oh boy, here we go again. This one is for the little girls, and his name is David Martin. Martin is a blonde, blue-eye heartthrob with the voice of an angel. Looking like an advertising model for Polo, David Martin brings us his first CD Something In Your Eyes, which is a disc of love songs dedicated to David's girl, whoever she maybe. I didn't try to find out.

Let it be known that Martin wrote all these songs, and that this CD is all about love. Yes, Mr. Martin is a lover, but you wouldn't know that by the look of the CD cover. The title song opens up with only a piano, drums, and Martin’s voice, softly explaining his love for the woman who still holds him in awe. It is a remembrance piece that sounds more like the love theme to a cheesy ‘70s movie. Actually, all of these songs have that type of imprint, but that's because Martin's philosophy is all about relationships. "Our Love" truly shows this. The lyrics start off with Martin revealing things he loves, such as the smell of rain, watching the seasons change, and snow melting in his hair, until he lets his true feelings be heard. "Our Love is our love, and girl, I love our love." With deep lyrics like that, I won't forget my skim board.

This whole CD seems hollow and predictable with each song trying to out sap the other. Yes, love is great, but what makes a great love song is the love that has flourished with that special song in mind. But I'm no love doctor and neither is David Martin. His voice does the lyrics justice, but I just couldn't connect with anything that he was saying. His website describes him as being like one of the love-song writers of the ‘70s and ‘80s; i.e. Billy Joel and Sting, but those guys wrote more than love songs. Even more so, they wrote about the pains of love, not just how much they loved that person. The CD is dedicated to "his Girl," or at least that's what it says on the back of the liner notes.

There is nothing wrong with this CD; it's just nine songs dedicated to David Martin's girl and one song dedicated to his Lord. The music is played well, and the lyrics are sung with passion. Some very accomplished musicians back Martin and this gives the music its fullness, but that's about it. Maybe, in the future if David Martin comes out with something other that drippy-sappy love songs I might find more of a connection. I know a car accident helped Drake Bell.

Unless you're a teenage girl, or a very emotional woman at any age, this CD may not be your cup of tea. I only do tea with shrooms, and even that wouldn't have helped here.

Written by Fumo Verde 

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  • LisaLisa

    The cool thing about your horrific reviews of some of these young artists (Drake Bell, David Martin, etc) is it inspires those who have never even heard of the artist, to go check them out, providing an avenue for new fans to be won over.
    As in the case with Drake Bell.
    And now, here is another hot young artist I’d never heard of.
    Thanks for introducing me to some great new CD’s.
    Evidently, your reviews are having the opposite effect on some of us.