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Music Review: David Archuleta, “Something ‘Bout Love”

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Starting this week the new single from David Archuleta's highly anticipated sophomore album is streaming exclusively on his website.

"Something 'Bout Love" is very different from any of the music on Archuleta's 2008 self-titled debut album. The song itself is still very much a pop song, but it also have a dance vibe, which definitely is a nice surprise.

Archuleta's first album was very much made up of straight-up pop, mid-tempo songs and ballads. Both of these types of songs suit his voice very well. "Something 'Bout Love" is definitely a departure from that. It is refreshing to hear that he is taking the pop sounds that works for him and is kicking it up a notch.

This new single shows that Archuleta has done a lot of growing up since being the runner-up to David Cook during the seventh season of American Idol.  If this first single is any indication of what is to come on Archuleta's upcoming album, I think his fans are probably in for a real treat.

What I appreciate about the song and about Archuleta's music in general, is that it is very much age appropriate. Here is a 19-year-old guy singing about love, but at a level where the lyrics are not overtly sexual, like a lot of the pop music on the radio today.

"Something 'Bout Love" should do well on the music charts. Archuleta's 2008 debut single, "Crush" was an instant smash hitting #1 on the Digital Charts and #2 on the Hot 100. His album debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts.

Archuleta's "Something 'Bout Love" will be available to download July 20 on iTunes. For more information on David Archuleta and to listen to his newest single, please visit his website.

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  • skyelerdancer

    i absolutely am in love with david archuleta and his super amazing voice! his new album totally is uplifting. he is so humble and faithful and is a great role model for other teens, thanks!

  • DHA

    What a catchy tune! David Archuleta has an amazing voice and he is maturing at a nice clip. I think his sophomore album is going to be The Real Deal, a big hit.

  • Jean

    Yeah, great song indeed. He sings ballads well but this song sure goes with his youth. It’s pretty challenging though. The high notes towards the end are terrifying haha. But with Archie there’s never a doubt 🙂

  • Miss Vicki


  • Ashley


  • Nin

    Archie has two vocal cords. How could people tink he only has one? Good god. And voice has more to do with the shape of the oral and pharyngeal cavities than the vocal folds themselves. And his paralyzed cored obviously healed a long time ago. Though something that may have lasted since then is perhaps not 100% closure which may be what creates the added breathy quality to his voice.

  • Jana

    This is going to be another smash hit for David. David’s voice is front and center in this song unlike much of what is going on w/other pop artists. There is no denying, he is THE talent of his generation!

  • FG

    Wooooo go David! This will gain him some new fans. Yayyyyyy! I love it!!!!! 🙂

  • TrudyFOD

    I love David Archuleta’s new song – WOW – what a fun, awesome, amazing song. David continues to amaze us with every project/song he sings. He is always bringing the unexpected and surprising us fans. I’ve been following David’s career since AI. I can’t wait until “Something Bout Love” is released to radio. David is such an awesome person and a talented singer/songwriter — and that “voice” – AMAZING — love him!

  • joyacht

    I love this song from an amazing person and artist!

  • annie

    David Archuleta once again proves he can sing anything! Remember how they used to label him “boring balladeer” back then? look who’s talking now lol.

  • nanz

    Thanks for a great review. Awesome song and killer vocals. I’ll definitely download it on July 13 at davidarchuleta.com and July 20 at iTunes!

  • VJ

    LOVE love love this song! Thank you for the article~!

  • Mandi

    I got to listen to the full song 2 days ago and it is a great song. I believe this will do very well on the radio. Yeah, I agree. What’s up with sexed up songs on the radio? Maybe David Archuleta can prove that a song can be a hit many times over without the ewww factor in it.

  • RJ

    I am LOVING this song! I blast it on replay doing office paperwork and I can’t find enough work to do so I can listen to it more times. Haha. It’s a song that can be appreciated on several levels. First, it’s such an earworm, dancey and fun to listen to. Then, the lyrics speak truth to the tug-of-war of love. Then, if you listen keenly to the background vocals, you hear amazing notes and ranges David’s voice reaches.

  • jkl

    I don’t really like Archuleta but his new song’s good and I think I actually love it. I’ll download it on the 20th.

  • Kathy

    Love, love this new single. David outdid himself on this one. My gut feeling says it’ll be a big summer hit. Can’t wait for the whole album to come out.

  • china80

    You are SOOOO RIGHT ON!! The lyrics to “Something Bout Love” have substance, meaning a message which is what David wants his music to have. This is what A LOT of the music played on the radio today is lacking which is very unfortunate because it’s what our youth is listening to.

    David’s new single is awesome and I can’t wait to hear the entire CD.

  • sarah

    He did a really good job.

  • Joy

    The song is amazing! It is a very nice song.

  • LaLiliana

    Really liking this tune and THAT VOICE! Love those high notes, low notes, and everything in between.

  • Mhel

    Great music is alive again,imo! Sbl is a fun,uplifting and groovy song! I really and absolutely love it!

  • Mrs Mary from NC

    Great review! Couldn’t agree more! I think this song really shows the range of David’s talent. The album will be amazing! Can’t wait!

  • areyouabelieber

    quite catchy, loving it…

  • Thank you all so much for liking the review. I think it’s a great song, I hope David does well with it!

  • jazzy

    This song is crazy addicting!! It’s perfect for the summer and it’s just such a nice departure from the “sexed-up” music that pervades almost every song nowadays. Love it.

  • djafan

    Appreciate your review of what I think is a great song. His voice stands out and you know right away it’s David Archuleta unique voice. He continues to surprise and impress me.

  • anonymous

    Well said, my instincts tells me this is going to be a hit!!! I can’t get it out of my head, and it actually got me off the couch to shake my groove thang….

  • GG_doorsfan

    thanks for the objective and factual review of david’s new single. it is showing a new side of him , what he has in his singing arsenal, and it is a fantastic dance/electronica/pop song that has killer hooks and choruses… fingers crossed we have another hit on our hands

  • mia

    It’s a pleasant surprise that he tackles this dancey pop/rock vibe song. It’s very catchy and his vocal range is amazing. His airy emo voice (due to one vocal cord) is good for your ears. It will do well on radio. Sick of crappy top 40 songs with crappy lyrics.

  • violet4ever

    Thanks for reviewing SBL! Something ‘Bout Love will actually go on sale first through David’s official site’s music store on July 13, and be available on iTunes (and I guess elsewhere) July 20. You can currently stream it on his official site and on Z100 radio’s website.