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Music Review: CY – Circus World Event

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If you met Timothy Gross on the road, you’d mistaken him for a geek of some sort. Give him a stage with a microphone, and he’d transform into “CY” a metaphorically complex East Coast-tinged MC. Tim’s paradoxically raw/smooth rhymes communicates a message of hope. And the head swinging beats you hear underneath his urban poetry, mostly his creativity, will assure you that the future of Christian rap music looks promising.

With his open but imaginative style of communication, Tim is unfazed to tell it the way the Bible has it, as he dishes out the searing truth stuffed with the appropriate beaming tasty beats to match every track regardless of the varying tempo. These words have obviously impacted Tim’s life as well, as it is evidently noticeable in his reformed persona as a once rebellious son from a preaching family.

In a bid to follow after his passion of nurturing his music ministry, CY joined Much Luvv record label in Texas, where he released The Complex. He even filmed an award winning video for his “Confession Invasion” single. He’s also been instrumental in the provision of production and guest verses on several of the label’s compilation and artist roster’s albums. He has been honored to share the stage with headliners such as; Da’T.R.U.T.H., DeitrickHaddon, Corey Red & Precise, Mark J, Lil Raskull, Pettidee, Todd Bangz, Lecrae and lots others.

CY’s current project is an artistic narrative and allegory about life’s philosophy; social and family issues, personal regrets for bad choices, and the Redemptive option available for all men. The song mimes the activities that take place at a typical circus carnival.

The Album is therefore titled Circus World Event…The Ringleader.

The central concept behind the Circus World Event stems from implementing carnival-type sounds and metaphors that envision our world as a Circus, with only one true ringleader (God) and an imposter (Satan) who plots and schemes for the same position.
With Circus World Event, CY has created an eye-popping stage show that adds creative visual illustrations to the story subjects described throughout the album.

Circus World Event featured an array of guest appearances with the likes of R-Swift (Cross Movement Records), J-Silas (RockSoulEntertainment), Pettidee(Soldier Sound Productions), Sean Slaughter, Mark J, Enock, and the Much LuvvFamily.

I couldn’t choose a favourite track as each had its relevance with a message of hope laden within every rhyme, but I particularly enjoyed the track titled The Parable– a retelling of the parable of Jesus Christ about a rich man thirsting for water in Hell.

Circus World Event should appeal to everyone, particularly if you are a fan of def beats, and for those looking to hear contemplative rap speeches that are fading out in today’s rap music. CY will certainly be around for a good while among the crème de la crème spitting the runways with spanking Christian rap vibes.

Track Listing

1.Welcome To the Show
2.Circus Tour (feat. J-Silas & R-Swift)
4.The Ringleader
5. Back Home (feat. Enock)
6. Been There Done That
7. Trapeze Interlude
8. The Flip Side Trapeze
9. Eternal Ferris Wheel (feat. Sean Slaughter & Mark-J)
10. Watcha Step (feat. Pettidee & Gina V.)
11. The Parable (The Story of Dre Randolph)
12. Take A Look
13. Heat
14. Struggle (feat. Gina V.)
15. ShowTime (feat. Tre9, Coltutz, S.O.M., Icece & Mark-J)
16. Outtro

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