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Music Review: Converge – “Axe to Fall” and “Dark Horse” from Axe to Fall

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Two things happen every time I hear the words "Converge" and "new album" together in a sentence. First my heart begins to race with disbelief and then I develop an extremely debilitating anxiety disorder which persists until I have the album in my possession.

So let's call this premature review a symptom of my Converge induced psychosis. I've been scouring the internet to find a download of the new album Axe to Fall (with full intentions of buying it after its officially released — I promise) but all I've been able to get my hands on are two songs from the album: "Axe to Fall", the title track, and "Dark Horse".

And now the flames of my anxiety are being fanned to incredible heights. They're being fanned by a category 5 hurricane. And that hurricane's name is Converge.

When the title track "Axe to Fall" comes at you with fists flying in every direction, you have no choice but to fall to the ground and take the beating which is raining down upon your pathetic soul. The intricacies that Converge deliver to us are pure genius and we must revel in the honor that comes from them choosing to beat the shit out of us. The pummeling rhythms, choppy, odd time-signatures, and soaring guitar lines accentuate Jacob Bannons hellish desire to cause our ears to bleed. And it feels so good. But would you expect anything less from these hardcore legends? No, of course you wouldn't.

"Dark Horse" comes racing out of the gates with a tribal-esque, galloping drum beat which is then accompanied by one of Kurt Ballou's most melodic guitar lines ever written. Everything about this song is beyond impressive. These guys have so much heart and determination that it's no wonder they are as loud and fucking intense as they are. The build up at around the two-minute mark leads to a beautiful breakdown that would cause even your own mother to start breaking shit in the kitchen. So god-damned intense I want to punch my computer screen!

While I can't say that you'll be completely surprised by Axe to Fall, if you're already a Converge fan, I do promise that these two songs are fucking awesome. Every Converge album is an amazing piece of art and Axe to Fall should help Converge maintain their dominance in the world of intricate, emotional, kick-you-in-the-face hardcore.

I can't wait until the dark cloud of Axe to Fall enshrouds me in all of it's glory. Now I must go back to rocking back and forth in my chair and listening to these two songs over and over again until October 20. Please hurry!

Check out "Axe to Fall" and "Dark Horse" at Converge's Myspace

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  • Jordan Richardson

    Should I tell you I’ve been listening to this thing for a few days now c/o my beautiful, shiny, sexy promo copy? Nah…

  • ZonkyAtheist

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I envy you so much! I hope the rest of it is as awesome as those two songs are >:)

  • Jordan Richardson

    It is. 🙂