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Music Review: Connie Kis Anderson – Connie Kis

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Connie Kis Andersen is one woman who understands just what it means to follow her passion. Making a living is important, but equally so is to go where one’s heart leads. For Andersen, the music path is no longer just a dream, a way to say “what if”?

Andersen has quite the reputation with awards for Best Female Country Music Artist over several years. Aussie natives recognize one of their own as a top force in the business to contend with. She should be, since she first learned to play a musical instrument at age eight. Performing in public came two years later.

It only makes sense to have a song which talks about her homeland on this CD. “Where My Heart Was Born” aptly describes how intriguing the country can be. The strong pride is felt throughout the steady beat of each note, and the pulsating tones work for the song. I have to wonder, however, why Andersen would add the last line purely as a spoken rather than a vocalized one. It’s almost impossible to hear over the music.

Even more catchy is “Turn It Up.” This song could not be considered any other genre besides country, yet the twang comes from an electric guitar. A fun flavor defines the piece best, although it requires the listener to pay attention.

“Angels All Around Us” is a slower tune. The guitar and vocals blend well together, although the backup singer is hardly needed.

Since country music is known for its link to faith-driven lyrics, “Life’s Railway To Heaven” is included on the track list. The harmony coming out of the background is a nice addition, showing depth of range for the vocal team.

With a dozen songs to choose from, one could easily find at least one tune to like. The Australian accents plus plain speaking messages give this music selection a wide range of appeal.

For more information about Andersen and her music, check out the official website.

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