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Music Review: Comeback Kid – Broadcasting

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Canadian hardcore/punk band Comeback Kid has returned with Broadcasting, their second release under Victory Records. To set the record straight, this is not a Christian hardcore band. Two of the members were previously in Figure Four which was a Christian hardcore band, but left for the time being to focus on Comeback Kid. So I guess that means this is a half-Christian hardcore band?

Seriously though, who cares what they are or what they believe in. Christian or not, these guys put together one hell of an album. They have also created an incredible fan base, put on excellent friendly shows, and survived an especially difficult line up change. With the loss of original vocalist Scott Wade in 2006, guitarist Andrew Neufield took over the duty. That is not an easy task to say the least (i.e. Drowning Pool, INXS). I think that Andrew did do an excellent job on taking over as the new album still has the Comeback Kid hardcore feel to it. Andrew’s vocals are so similar to Scott’s that I am sure some people who listened to 2005’s Wake The Dead would have no idea there was a change up on this album.

I immediately think of the hardcore bands of the late '80s early '90s when I listen to this CD. This is truly a sing-a-long anthem type album. Expect a lot of heavy guitar and relentless screaming throughout the entire album. Songs like “Defeated” and “Expose’” just beg fans to quickly memorize the gang vocals. The title track "Broadcasting" is my favorite cut on the disc thanks to the perfect amount of guitar and gang vocals. The guitars shred throughout the entire album posing the traditional hardcore style especially on “Come Around”. "In/Tuition" was the perfect song to end the album with the fast paced drumming and quick style guitars.

“Marketing Demands” to me was the only track on the CD that just seemed to not fit in. Straying away from the same old style is never a bad thing, but the song just did not confine my attention. The rest of the songs on the other hand do share the same consistency.

It’s no wonder this is such a highly anticipated album. Without a doubt Broadcasting may very well be their best CD to date. I can truthfully say that Comeback Kid can expect a lot of new listeners picking up their CD while still satisfying their current fans. I can feel the energy of every song and if I were a little younger and a lot more in shape you could bet your ass I would be in the front row at a live show of theirs screaming along and punching the air.

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