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Music Review: Combichrist – What The F**ck Is Wrong With You People

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With the March 6 release of What the Fuck is Wrong With You People, Metropolis Records recording artist, Combichrist, continues their fast-track ascension to the throne of industrial dance music. Along the way, the band is redefining the genre inventing a wholly new style – Techno Body Music (TBM).

Combichrist is just one in a line of Icon of Coil lead singer, Andy LaPlegua’s many side projects. Unlike Panzer Ag, another LePlegua side project, Combichrist blends more techno elements into their harsh, grinding sound – the beats pulse more, the breaks are those found more commonly in a techno mix.

With the success of the last few years, Combichrist is devouring more and more of LaPlague’s time; the band’s “Get Your Body Beat (also on this album) was featured in the underground sci-fi thriller, The Gene Generation, a ridiculously successful North American tour with Industrial heavy weights, KMFDM increased their ever-growing army, and their 2004 EP, Sex, Drogen Und Industrial spent seven weeks at number one on the German Alternative Charts.

So how does this release stack up with the rest of Combichrist’s work? Easily, this is the bands best work to date.

What the Fuck is Wrong With You People starts with what must have been an unnerving situation for someone – a recorded conversation confronting a stalker whose apparently gotten someone’s cell number and bombed it with lewd text messages. Needless to say, the female voice making the confrontation is none to happy about the situation, she's pissed and she is letting someone know in no uncertain terms. This is immediately and appropriately followed with the title track which is sure to become a dance club smash as well as rivethead anthem. Seems LaPlegua is fond of anthems as, without loosing a beat, we are next ushered into the anthematic “Electroheads.” I say rivethead, you say electrohead, I say tomato, you say tomautoe.

At track six, “Brain Bypass,” the album takes a breather and slows down just long enough to allow you to catch your breath before you’re hit again with the throb and pulse of “Get Your Body Beat,” already a track that near guarantees a full dance floor. Track 11, “Red,” get dangerously close to being a Hate Department knock off in sound and style though that’s my only real bitch about the album

What the Fuck is Wrong With You People is an assault, not only on the throne of industrial music, but on the listener as well. Its sharp, pulsating beats and nonstop energy will have you on the dance floor, sweating profusely as you try to match hips to B.P.M.s. The electronics are harsh and edgy, delivering just enough of a menacing tone to make the roughest of rivethead happy all the while melodic enough to appeal to those fans not strictly of the genre.

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  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Just my opinion, but this genre doesn’t sound like it has progressed very much. I think it’s hard to top Downward Spiral from NIN or Prodigy’s Fat of the Land. Like I said, its just my opinion.