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Music Review: Coco Montoya – Dirty Deal, A Good Deal with One Catch

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Veteran blues artist Coco Montoya has released his latest album, Dirty Deal.  Montoya's vocal talent and fine guitar work are the selling point of this album, a smooth flowing hybrid of blues and southern rock.  The flip side is Montoya's obsession with a particular subject which is manifested in every song.

These skillful performances offer a rich, classic sound with a mellow rock flavor full of bass, soulful guitar and classic sounds like the Texas shuffle.  Although I wish Montoya's voice were a touch deeper, he's an effective blues singer.  He also knows how to deliver the message via electric guitar.

The sound variety from song to song helped retain my interest throughout the CD.  Some pieces have an upbeat quality while others are relatively somber and feature piano alongside guitar.  The predominant feel is on the somber end of the spectrum.  Montoya also lets up on the singing enough to prominently feature his crying guitar and other tasteful instrumental work.

Montoya's apparent fascination with relationship woes are the weakness of the album.  Every song is about love gone wrong and some chick named "baby."  By the fifth song, I was really hoping he would turn his abilities loose on another topic.  Such songs are fine, but who needs 11 of them consecutively?  The music world is overflowing with songs of romance and it's demise.  Fans should demand something more creative and worthy than artists pissing and moaning over the triviality of alleged heartbreak.

If that's your thing, this assortment of solid blues/rock is worth picking up.  I enjoyed listening to this one and I may give it another spin, but I wouldn't buy it due to the subject matter dominating the album.  Dirty Deal is good, but not that good considering that it could have been much better.  Then again, if you're feeling the cold woman blues and need musical accompaniment for a pity party, this one will get you there.  

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