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Music Review: Cirque Du Soleil – Delirium

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Cirque Du Soleil's Delirium is a rich grouping of songs from one of the best acrobatic shows in the world. Within the disc are music and lyrics ranging from a heavy and toe-tapping beat to ballads of spellbinding magic.

"Cold Flame" kicks things off with references to the stillness of night. A man's scintillating baritone asks the question of being while we, as humans, relate to the total existence of all matter.

"Too High" highlights the strong voice of a woman who tells of a dreamer whose roots have not ever taken hold. It is a solid accompaniment to a performer who soars above the audience tethered to a balloon.

"La Nova Alegria" was my favorite song. It uses a solid Latin beat to make mention of another Cirque Du Soleil show. The pulsating rhythm reminded me of the festival Carnivale in Brazil each year.

"Bridge of Sorrow" is haunting, yet shines with its focus on what might have been. Whether you have regrets from the past or a sadness which has never quite healed, this song will touch you deep in your heart.

"One Love" echoes the sentiment, as it asks the question of how long a special someone can be left hanging out to dry. Listeners are given a choice of staying with what works, and what could be. A choice is requested.

"Time To Go" shows the door to one's future. No matter how scared one might be, the time has come to step through. Talking oneself out of a challenge is hardly the most sensible answer.

"Time Flies" is a subtle way of letting the audience know the show is almost over. However, the performance says the traveling troupe will not soon forget the people who took time to come and see them.

This is not the easiest CD for me to try and critique. If it were a musical, the music would be enough in order to understand the show without having seen it beforehand. I get the impression that Cirque Du Soleil requires one to experience both performance and lyrics. Considering most of the shows are in Las Vegas, it's a problem. However, this small taste of this circus with words attached greatly increases the likelihood of getting tickets at some point down the road.

For more information, one can go to the official Cirque Du Soleil website.

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  • Robbie Dillon

    Hi Nancy,

    Thank you very much for your critique of this album. As the lyricist for this project, I have had all sorts of reviews both good and bad, but I would like to tell you that this is the first time I have read something which actually seemed to take the time to pay attention to what these lyrics are actually saying.

    Thank you for taking the time to write an intelligent and thoughtful review.

    Robbie Dillon

  • My pleasure. Feel free to use my review on your website. All I ask is that you would credit both myself and Blogcritics.

  • Dan

    Just as sort of a reference to something in your last paragraph — this show is actually not in Las Vegas. It’s touring the US currently; and I had the great pleasure of seeing it back in March. Just thought you’d like to know — and maybe you could experience it yourself — it was truly amazing.

  • Joby James

    Nancy, nice review..I watched Delirium in Sanjose,CA past friday. It was a beautiful experience and did made a friend of mine a CdS fan. It was a massive stage production.very well matched lighting and sound with stage performance.

    most of us are caught up in their cocoons, hopefully we will find reality before its too late.


  • Raped

    We saw the event at the HP Pavilion in San Jose and felt raped. The only thing Cirque de Soleil about it was the name. Otherwise it was bland as a KQED pledge drive. What happened to the acrobatics? What Happened to the circus?

  • I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • Raped, there have always been more than one show of Cirque De Soleil. Perhaps the night was simply not one of their better ones?

  • Joby James

    ok whoever got raped , you can have your opinion. why didnt you check a little bit more before you went for show? delirium is not a primarily an acrobatic show. its clearly stated. one cant blame CdS for non educating themselves..

    best for acrobatics is O in Bellagio if you havent seen it.

  • Raped

    Believe it or not Cirque denotes Circus and that the event was titled Cirque de Soleil:Delerium leads one to believe it will be more consistent with what Cirque de Soleil is: a Circus act. Granted, the event said “Live Music Concert.” Advertisements in print that we used for our decision to buy tickets also said “with acrobatics.” I will say 95% concert and 5% acrobatics is a fair assessment of the show. Unfortunately, when an entertainment brand formula is toyed with it’s not like meat and not subject to much regulation. I would know to stay away from a package that said 25% fat free.
    Were we stupid? Yes. 90% of the audience was unfortunately stupid with us. Not an excuse, but an observation. The applause throughout the show was subdued. People were yawning and not due to the heat. It was cold. The HP Pavilion is a converted hockey rink. People were walking out of the show. We learned an expensive lesson. Yes, we will be more diligent next time.
    I do not criticize that the new brand of event was enjoyable to many of you. More power to you. I highly criticize such a drastic change from what is a brand without stronger distinction in the name itself. TIDE laundry detergent Cereal with surfactants. That is confusing. Music de Cirque de Soliel. That is clear. Perverse, but clear.

  • Kristina

    I JUST saw this show in Seattle and LOVED it. I also bought this album, and really like it as well. I am sure I love the cd more due to the fact I saw the show, but there are a few songs on it I likely would have fallen in love with anyway.

    I did my research before buying tickets to Delirium, and I was perfectly clear and aware that this would primarily be a concert, with acrobatics. Yet, it was still MUCH more than that, and I do not feel misled or disappointed by the show in the least!

    I don’t know if some people saw “alternate” performers, or what the deal was…but the audience at the show I saw clearly loved it! Standing ovation…CERTAINLY nobody “walking out.” I thought it was amazing, and worth every penny. Very talented group of performers. Me and the others I know who saw it in Seattle were all impressed by the whole show and would see it again in a heartbeat.

    As for the album -my favorite songs are the first three Cold Flame, Slipping Away, and Someone. Absolutely beautiful. But yes, probably more powerful when you have images from the show brought back to mind. Also, there isn’t a single song on this cd that I DON’T like. You can listen to it straight through without wanting to skip anything.

  • Kirk

    My wife and I saw the show in LA and were thoroughly underwhelmed. The opening act was an “international singing star” that no one had ever heard of (note that she wasn’t introduced as a “recording star”). Her set lasted 20-25 minutes and was met with tepid applause. Then a 15 minute intermission before CdS. Perhaps our hopes were raised by the program that featured the acrobats. So we waited for the action to pick up and nothing materialized. There was no “WOW” factor that is the CdS claim to fame. We didn’t see any performances in this 90 minute show that we hadn’t already seen for free on the streets of Santa Monica. This is clearly a case of an organization diluting its brand.

  • Nancy Renaud

    My husband and I saw the show in Louisville last night and we were among the uninformed ones I suppose. I have always loved CdS and I couldn’t wait to see the “circus”. I loved the music. The singing was terrific. The dancing was entertaining. The circus…was nonexistant. There were a few small acts. Yes, it was advertised as a musical event but I think that with the reputation of CdS one just (incorrectly) assumes that it will be in the same type of venue that we have been preprogrammed to expect. This show was my birthday present and now I feel that I was really stupid to think that I was finally going to see what I had always dreamed of seeing. Ah well. I guess I just have to accept but I will forver remember – fool me once…….

  • Eric Lozauskas

    Just wanted to speak my comments about this magnificent show. The lyrics are breathtaking, the experience is wonderful and the overall creativeness for this “concert” is astounding! I loved every minute of it – have seen it 4 times and already have tickets for my fifth time in MSG in NYC for Thurs evening. If you love Cirque du Soleil’s music and are in the younger demographic as I am (24 yrs old), you will most likely love this show!

  • Or perhaps not. With all the versions of CDS out, there is always a chance people will not like the version they see.

  • Henry

    I went to the MSG NYC show Nov 8 and also feel raped and deceived by DELIRIUM.
    People were leaving the show thruout the show.
    My kids asked me to buy tickets to the show thinking this would be a CdeS experience.I did not carefully read that it was a going to be a live music show with only few spectacular circus acts.The singing,music,sets were great but not what I would pay $129 a ticket.The whole family felt deceived and ripped off.It was a birthday present for the kids and we felt let down.

  • Doesn’t matter

    Well, I saw them, or better saying, experienced them on Madrid’s Palacio de Deportes here in Spain and actually loved it.
    Yes, I was fully and totally aware that this was more a concert than a circus show, and I never felt dissapointed or raped. People here seem to have liked it somehow, even though I saw most of them were a little surprise or disappointed in a way or another. Yet, it seems that at the end they “got it” that it was a music/multimedia experience rather than an usual CdS show.
    Anyway, I like the new formula and I think it works great. It combines everything in a way that’s more related to our everyday life, bringing the pop/urban/technological/modern into the “dream” theme. I think it’s great and very enjoyable. I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all, and people show remember that CdS was always praised for their creativity, innovation and of course, the high quality of costumes, scenarios and performances as well. In that sense, Delirium is in pair with any other CsD show.
    People often tend to dislike new things, but that’s just how things are. And I personally don’t believe that CdS will actually change completely their formula and start making all their upcoming show on the same level as Delirium, so there’s no reason to bother about it. I just say: enjoy it!

  • Bernadette

    I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to remember who the opening act for Delirium in Denver 2006 was … does anyone recall?

  • Eric Lozauskas

    I believe the opening act for DELIRIUM has always been “Nitza”… check her out, she’s amazing.