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Music Review: Cassie – Cassie

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What talent in Cassie warranted a record deal from anyone?

The Bad Boy Records R&B singer has no stage presence, and makes for a terrible dancer. To make matters even worse, her entire look and sound was the trademark of the late Aaliyah, who would make an ass of this girl if she caught her down the street. You think I’m making this up? Take the CD jacket from the CD case and unfold it to get a poster of Cassie. Then, get a picture of the deceased singer and tell me Cassie wasn’t set up to be a near clone of her.

Near is about as much as Producers Diddy and Ryan Leslie can do, because she will never be able to match Aaliyah's talent.

“Me & U”, the “hit” single from Cassie's self-titled album, has an elementary school melody made worse by the overlapping of her voice in the chorus. “Long Way 2 Go” has a too quiet melody and could be mistaken for a track you listen to when you are trying to go to sleep. “About Time” goes elementary school again with the melody and would easily be mistaken as a song placed in an urban station rather than Radio Disney. You would think things would pick up with “Kiss Me” (a take on Destiny’s Child’s “T-Shirt”), but she even manages to make THAT song sound “quiet.”

As she fumbles through the R&B genre with the first cut, “Call U Out,” she breaks away from that to slap in a bit of gangster as she attempts to woof someone. Personally, I think this song would be a better idea as a duet/battle between Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. Either way, Miss Cassie is better in the land of bland R&B, which she jumps back to with “Just One Nite”, “Not With You,” and “Ditto” (which could be mistaken for “Sometimes” by Britney Spears).

Aaliyah fans might jig a little bit to “What Do U Want,” which is a half-assed attempt by Diddy and Leslie at making a “More Than A Woman” remake. While there was a funkier touch to her voice, it still couldn’t get as sultry as Aaliyah. Sadly, Aaliyah herself can’t show Cassie who the real deal is, and who is the phoney.

I tried to be fair with this album, but when I pictured and felt Aaliyah in the songs on Cassie’s album, I became offended. Even down to the trademark “hair down one eye” pose she gave in the CD jacket poster, the package she presented was definitely a steal from Aaliyah.

Hey, it's no big deal to me if she does that, but at least steal the talent – don’t Mickey Mouse it.

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  • Rofl!! That bitch has absolutely NOOOO talent. She’s even worse than Rihanna.

  • Jamie

    Sorry, but I’d have to disagree with the article above. Cassie is not a total clone of Aaliyah or she isn’t trying to be like anyone. You maybe shouldn’t press over a person before researching them. I’ve been looking at Cassie on ns4life.com/cassie.ns4life.com (personal blog) from basically almost day one. From her starting out before she became famous to where she is right now. Cassie’s stage presence hasn’t been the best. I admit to that, but why? she is still getting over stage fright. That’s what’s so fresh about Cassie she is a regular 19 year old girl who is just working her ass off for the fans, and doesn’t make her fake like a lot of other Artist who *cough* lipsync. At least Cassie has the courage to get on stage and do her thing even if shes still getting over her stage fright. Her Album – wow I certaintly thought that almost every song in that album was a hit especially ME&U, which has a very catchy melody/tune and definately not elementry, it is actually very unique. I heard that song about 2 years ago when it first released underground and to tell you the truth, it was so unique that a lot of other producers started catching to it and taking that style of music into the new generation of R&B. For Cassie’s all other songs Long Way 2 Go etc.. are all hit songs in my opinion she has a great voice and whats wrong for an Artist to bring some different flavor throughout the album Slow, R&B, South, etc.. it actually makes them better! I think Cassie is not only beautiful but a great artist as well!

  • Did Cassie write the songs herself? Most of the time, with these types of artists, the music is written by someone(s) else. Often the performer doesn’t have much say in how the album is produced, either. In any case, she’s still young, so the songwriting and performance isn’t going to be as good as it will be when she has more experience. It is possible that the record label is taking advantage of her and trying to draw the connection with Aaliyah in order to drive up sales. I’m curious to know if Cassie can stand on her own or if she’s just another trumped up prop used to line the pockets of record execs.

  • Scott Butki

    Matthew, good on you for writing what you think and feel instead of bowing to the pressure of spammers like these above.

  • I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only person who thinks Cassie blows…and no I’m not talking about what she does with her boyfriend…oh wait…she’s a “single” girl just working her ass off….yeah well…she can work her ass off but its not going to improve her howling any.

  • Anna –

    I don’t think Cassie wrote Me & U (or however you spell it). I know Ash found this guy’s myspace and he thinks he’s the shit beause he produced Me & U….He said on his page…don’t email me unless its about money and you paying me to do your song because I won’t respond otherwise.

    Of course, Me & U was one of his better songs on his Myspace…and that isn’t saying much.

  • Damn Matthew…don’t sugar coat it dude. LOL…

    GREAT review Matthew! And welcome to the world of telling it like it is in a way that is both informative and entertaining. This is what being a critic is all about Matthew. The more angry mail you get, the more the fact you have done your job and done it well is validated.

    Kudos Matthew! I think you just passed the initiation. Oh, one more thing…

    I think ya got a bright future kid…I really do…(said in best cigar chomping scumbag NYC record exec accent)…



  • One more thing Matthew…

    Think of it this way. You just saved some poor junior high kid his hard earned money mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, or ripping off somebodys lunch money to be better spent on something more worthwhile like…like…

    …damn why can’t I think of anything?

    Never mind then. LOL…


  • aaliyah dani

    No one in the entire industry could ever compare to be half of the entertainer was ever period point blank

  • Cassie

    ya umm my name is Cassie too isnt that sweet!

  • zoe

    yo cassie i love your songs they are amazing and i just think it you are too. i love your new song long way to go, its great keep the good work up!!!!

  • Nemo-x

    Wah u ppl on mayn, shes some siik rnb singer reppin fili =D brap brap…nd u critisizin her wont make u nd better FOOLs =), DONT hate…LEARN TO LOVE =D
    nuff luv .xxx.xxx.

  • Ayesha

    Luv ya Nemooooooooooooo :D:D:D, dats mii hunni who wrote at da top of mii, shes her filipeno sista 😛

    Ok Ok! So wha u on about cassie?? are u jealous or sumthing. come on man, people r in love wid her, buh dey got a long way 2 go loooll :P, yer and lyk dunt chat mess lyk dat, shes real gd singer, i luv her voice and shes such a gd dancer, if that wasn’t tru den how come shes such a big star, man u’ll see her winning da awards, im sure she gona come out laughing at ya face lol :P, nah jus jokes, i doubt she even knows about dis buh yer. I mean aint you got no heart, maybe u myt not be da cool RnB type yer, buh dis generation is! She cnt be no copy of Aaliya, ur just thinking wrong, dere songs are soooo different, man wha u on, and she aint no fooney 😀 atleast shes got a life doing her thing, rather than u sitting ere complaining, come on boi lol 😀 We all thank P.Diddy 4 puting her up 4 his Bad Boy productions :D! and hes got dis show *making the band* hes made da band now, there gona ome up wiv sik songs yer, and dunt bakchat about dem yer :@, and now im gona shutup cuz im busy! Yay Cassie :D, i luv her :D:D:D

  • Ayesha

    ooooo and 4got 2 say, u must be just jealous :D. I know all her songs, da whole album, i love all her song expect 4 like 1 or 2, buh yer luv da album, and leave da gyal alone 😀 people still go around in dere cars, wiv pumping music- Me & U, so yer man :S, u onfused child lol :D, ok i know im being rude, buh dats how u gona get treated if u do dat 2 sumone, stop discriminaing her lool, im sure u like her, u must of asked her out, and she must of sed, umm i dunt think “Me & U” would fit ahhhh haaaaaa lmaooooooooooooo oo yer shes got lovely style man, hair face and everything, u just wnt her 2 kiss u, as she shes got a song called *kiss me* haaaa see ya jealous, loser 😛 UR DA FOONEY 😀 now taaaaa taaaaa im going off wid dis and while dat im gona lsiten 2 Cassie 😀 haaa, i ya face bwoi, teen, adult, granpaaa, or wateva 😀 byeeeee loollll

  • Nemo-x

    initttt ayesha =D luv u bea gyal =), neways YER ATLEAST SHE DOIN SUMIN WIT HER LYFF, UNLIKE U HATERS, u sittin der bhind ur computers pshhht get a life…go 2 tescos..”every little helps” BRAP BRAP =D NUff luv 2 ayesha, nd ma fili sister cassie =D xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Ayesha

    awww, lol luv ya 22 Nemo looollll, hah jokaaaa, Tescoo, ahhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aww u make me crack up wiv crack lol :s buh yer lol luv ya bare sweety :D:D:D:D go cassieeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I don’t think it’s right to say that Cassie tried to market herself as the next Aaliyah. If that’s how you read her then that’s your problem not Cassie.

    Leslie’s beats are unique then what’s been playing lately and they complement Cassie’s voice that’s why they make such a good team.
    If you don’t like her music or her voice that’s your choice just don’t beat her down for it, just say it’s not for me and move on.

  • I love Cassie, she brings a new sound and thats why she made it in the music business. she isnt trying to be like aaliyah or anything in my opinion. she is her self and young and still having experience. but dont bash on her musical talent.. anyone can get nervous in front of thousands of fans. she also has a great team.. i see the label NextSelection shes in bringing a great movement and her producer Ryan Leslie as well. i bring much love to them for the future!! oh and btw the album was great!

  • Kris

    Wow I jsut got ur CD and it very good i say. Many people who dont like some singers are jsut jelous because they cant sing at all.. lol i cant sing.. so yea..

  • amrit

    i jus wana say i think ur a great singer n u r my role model luv u muwah xxx

  • amrit

    keep on being inspiration

  • amrit

    jus 2 let u knw im doin my gcse course work on u yayyyyyyyyyy! lol

  • MuGs.E

    yERRR bluuuuuuuudddd… shez half FiLi!!! am FiLi bluuuRRRDDD!!! FiLi PwYDe bWAp BWaP… heR chOOnZ R GReAZZeyy… n ShEz PeNG too… i nEEdz a GyaL lyk CaSSie 😛

  • hey cassie i am a fan of yours and my best friend he admires you so much he say he loves you i tried e mail you on myspace but your box is too full so i came here and keep the good music coming

  • Adam

    The review above is very true.Cassie doesn’t even have da longetivity she wants to attain.Too bad looks don’t get you anywhere and other artists who can actually and properly sing will push cassie down the road.Very cold but true.

  • rebecca

    I think that cassie’s album is fantastic. The songs that stick out to me are “kiss me”, “about time” and “call you out”. Although, i think that “kiss me” should have replaced “long way to go” as the second single as “long way to go” has done dreadsfully in Englanf

    Cassie will be around for a long time

  • danielle

    hey gurl i reckon u r the bomb so who cares about wat people say ok ur my fav singer all the way:)

  • danielle

    hey gurl i hope u r doing another song because u r my fav singer dont let anyone get u down ok gurl:)love always ur biggest fan danielle!!!

  • danielle jonston

    hey gurl its me again i hope u are doing another song again ook love u heaps:)lol bye xxxx

  • Lil Babygirl

    Cassie is NOT trying to clone Aaliyah. In an interview she did on Badboyforever.com she herself states that Aaliyah is “definitely one of her idols.” I mean, she doesn’t really have any vocal talent, because honestly if Aaliyah was here..she would’ve slaughtered Cassie, vocally. But shoot, Aaliyah is my idol too and Aaliyah WAS NOT THE FOUNDER OF THE SWOOP HAIRSTYLE SHE HAD. BUT SHE MADE IT POPULAR..VERY, VERY POPULAR. I also have to admit that Cassie’s self titled debut album WAS dissapointing. I was expecting more than just 11 measley little tracks out of her..I mean if you take a look at it, most artists come with more tracks when they first start out..so the fans can understand what they are about. The only song that was to my liking WAS ME AND YOU. I have to admit, the rest of the songs WERE PRETTY WHACK. I MEAN, THE BEATS OF THE SONGS OVERSHADOWED HER OWN BREATHY VOICES. IT WAS LIKE SHE WAS TRYING TO DO THAT CIARA GOODIES THING WITH THE WHOLE BREATHY SINGING..BUT SHE HONESTLY DIDN’T MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION WITH IT. I’m not saying Aaliyah was the best singer, but she could’ve DEFINITELY hurt Cassie’s career if still here. And alot of you know that and agree with that. Cassie I think could do better if she put her own creativity into it, and hired a WAY BETTER vocal coach than the one she’s working with. And those moves from her new “Official Girl” video are whack too. Brooke Valentine could’ve killed her in a dance off with those moves..as a matter of fact Brooke Valentine DID THOSE SAME MOVES. So that’s still nothing new. The only REAL THING THAT’S KEEPING MS. CASSIE IN THE GAME FOR THIS LONG IS; MODELING. AND I GUESS WHAT YOU’LL CALL HER “ACTING.” I’m not gonna be too harsh on this girl, but it’s been 2 yrs and I’ve seen nothing different besides..well..really nothing. ALL OF CASSIE’S SONGS SPEAK ON ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY..SEX. LIKE IN HER SONG “NOT WITH YOU”[CASSIE]: IT SAYS “..AND I LOVE IT WHEN IT’S JUST THE TWO OF US LAYIN’ AROUND.” SHE KINDA PERCIEVED HER SELF TO LAYIN’ AROUND IN A KIND OF SLUTTY TYPE OF WAY. Ryan Leslie didn’t even help her on the Kiss Me Song which after buying the album I realized was a failed do over of Destiny’s Child’s song “T-Shirt.” Cassie will NEVER IN HER LIFETIME be Aaliyah. Even though Aaliyah didn’t live to see what kind of road the music industry would head, or the new singers who popped up..she is still remembered and will NEVER be forgotten. And you know it’s a little ironic how when Aaliyah did pass..how Ciara popped up 2yrs later..and then Cassie 5 yrs afterwards. And what’s even more ironic is Cassie’s new song with Lil Wayne “Official Girl” was released sadly on the 7 yr anniversary of Aaliyah’s tragic death. And then the same year in ’06..here springs up Lil Miss Rihanna..but I mean people think about it; If Aaliyah had’ve waited to go home and gotten on a SAFE airplane and had made it back to the U.S. to keep recording..there would’ve been NO CIARA..NO CASSIE..NO RIHANNA. THE ONLY REASON..CIARA, CASSIE, AND RIHANNA GOT THEIR CHANCES IS BECAUSE THE ONLY OTHER YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL, FEMALE SINGER/DANCER THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THEIR BIGGEST THREATS WAS TAKEN FROM US UNEXPECTEDLY.. If still here, AALIYAH WOULD HAVE BEEN A QUADROUPLE THREAT; SINGING, DANCING, ACTING, AND MODELING. NOT TO MENTION A TEEN IDOL. I believe Ciara, Cassie, and Rihanna would’ve been a lil’ side swiped by Aaliyah..because Aaliyah was doin’ it all. I miss Aaliyah, and it’s cool that Cassie idolizes her, and likes emulating the image from her..but I pray that she WILL NOT over do her “Aaliyah homage” image or w/e u wanna call it. And that she’ll grow out of it soon. Because Aaliyah will NEVER BE REPLACED. NOT BY CASSIE, NOT BY CIARA, and NOT BY RIHANNA OR ANY OTHER AALIYAH IMAGE STEALIN’ SINGER[EXCLUDING RIHANNA BECAUSE SHE HAS HER OWN UNIQUE STYLE.]. REST IN PEACE AALIYAH. 1979-2001