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Music Review: Carmen and Camille Two

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The ingredients for success of a new musical act are fairly simple. You need to combine great vocals, a unique sound, excellent lyrics, and a hot image. Now if you want a super act, you need to double all the ingredients. With Carmen and Camille (C&C) you get just that.

These two very beautiful young ladies happen to be twins from Vancouver, Canada and they have combined their unique talents to take the music world by storm. They are the complete package. Hot and talented!

Both girls work very closely together to write all of their own music and lyrics. They started writing when the two were five years old. Both perform vocals on all the songs, however Camille's specialty is her stellar electric guitar which is combined Carmen’s rock and roll flute. Yea, I said flute. Never thought I would like a flute, but she really has a way of mixing it with a rock sound that works.

Their appropriately named CD, Two is an excellent collection of songs that show off their many talents. The success of the album has continued to grow and reached new levels when they were featured on MTV hit shows The Hills, My Super Sweet 16, and Next. Additionally, C&C has been featured in Stuff Magazine, Elle Girl, and Billboard.com. This is the type of recognition that is well deserved.

Carmen and Camille told us that “We write about what’s relevant in our lives at the time. We want to put out the message that life has highs and lows but we are making the most of them and getting through them with the help of our music.”

This very evident in their own personal favorite song "How Deep is the Water". This is a soulful ballad that addresses the universal theme of broken hearts. “This song is very emotional for us”, they added.

Carmen and Camille"To Believe" is my personal favorite on the album. It starts with a very beautiful piano and vocal. It builds to a jamming anthem encouraging you to believe. The message is uplifting and a worthy song. Other excellent tracks include "I Will Never" and "Without Reason."

One cannot help but compare Carmen and Camille to another super sister duo. That’s right, I am talking about Heart. Clearly C&C’s music is in tune with the current trends, but the girls to feel that Heart is a definite influence.

The road to success in the current music world takes a special approach to success. C&C has shown the ability to self promote and spread the word as evidenced by their success and recognition. “The best way seems to be keeping close to your fans and building them through blogs, live shows, and media,” said Carmen and Camille.

In a visit to Carmen and Camille’s myspace page, you will find that they are close to their fans. They publish regular videos, have many live performances, and write to the fans regularly. The also have a cool YouTube page that they post to regularly. As always, we encourage you to support the great independent artists by buying their albums and catching them live whenever you can. Carmen and Camille are the real deal. We’ll see them on Billboard charts one day soon.

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