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Music Review: Caitlin & Will

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I’ve been waiting over a year for Caitlin Fisher and Will Schneider to make it onto the country scene after winning CMT’s Can You Duet last spring. Finally, their Digital EP has been released. It’s called Caitlin & Will.

Country artists, yes, but they bring us something quite different. You'll probably find it hard to place them in a specific category. I would describe their music as “enya-like country” – hauntingly beautiful harmonies and meaningful, well-written lyrics.

Caitlin & Will are living the American Dream. I had the privilege of witnessing the beginning of their dream on TV last year. Their story began when entering the casting call of Can You Duet. After several weeks on the show, they emerged the winners. Their win allows them to join the ranks of other Country Artists who had their beginnings on Reality TV – such as Carrie Underwood, Kelly Pickler, Bucky Covington and Josh Gracin from American Idol, Miranda Lambert & Buddy Jewell from Nashville Star, and fellow contestants, Rory and Joey, from Can You Duet?

However, there is one important difference between Caitlin & Will and these others – they both began the show with different duet partners. Their partners were sent home and they got to stay. Then the judges decided to put them together. For a Reality Show, this was high drama, and a very clever twist by the judges. We can thank Naomi Judd, Brett Manning and Aimee Mayo for such foresight.

Let’s put my enthusiasm in perspective: One of my past times is to watch Reality TV so that I can learn a few life lessons from them.  I've learned from American Idol  that winners win because they get four things exactly right. These 4 things can be summed up as: skill, relevance, likability, and authenticity.

Caitlin & Will rose to the top of their competition because they mastered these things, especially the authenticity part. What you see and hear is exactly who they are in real life. No gimmicks, no fluff. Just Caitlin & Will. See what I mean on this YouTube video.

Caitlin & Will are going to be sizzling hot stars on the country scene! Their songs are meaningful, their harmonies are beautiful. They have a wonderful story behind their partnership. My advice is to be one of the first to discover them so you can say you knew them when.

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  • Jean

    Caitlin and Will

    This song has meant so much to me because at the time you wrote this music our son took his life. We miss him so much and wish that he were still here. I miss talking with him but my counselor advise me to write to him everyday and tell him what I needed to say but as your songs say there is no address in the stars. I pray that he can hear me when I’m talking to him but only God knows whether he heres everything that I need to say. It has been so hard to realize that he is not coming back to us. Everyone has told me that it will get better and that you will heal in time but that really doesn’t happen. You may deal with it differently but you never let completely go of you loved ones. My parents passed away years ago and I still think about them so I pray that our son it with them and that we will see him again some day. This song breaks my heart every time that I listen to it which is often. The lyrics just hit home. The is a beautiful song and I am so thankful to have heard it. I pray that our loving son is resting in peace. Thank you Genie19481